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So I ended up getting FF7 on PS4 the other day since it was on sale, and that version seems fine enough. There was some hitching, which was a bit odd, but otherwise it performed as expected.

Also, I remember the story making absolutely no sense, but thought Chrono Cross played fine. I also think it got a lot of undeserved hate because it wasn't the Chrono Trigger sequel everyone wanted, but it wasn't a dumpster fire. Then again, after re-visiting FFXIII by way of your blog, I'm not so sure of anything anymore, lol...

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Hate is a strong word. I was under the impression that he did not particular like or enjoy his time with the RDR, but that was also due to his distaste for westerns and the setting they take place in. It's not that he hated it, it just didn't play in his wheelhouse.

I don't believe he'll hate RDR2, and I'm sure he can appreciate its strengths and what it does well from a distance, but I'd also be fairly sure that he'll have zero desire to play the game past maybe a handful of hours, if he can even make it past the first couple.

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I pretty much watch everything, even if I can't get to it right away. I'm a few episodes behind on the Aftermath podcast, and I might not consume everything in the Giant Bomb Presents podcast feed, but I will watch most video content on the site.

I have some stuff to get caught up on this week because, as OP mentioned, there was a ton of stuff this week, and it happened to be the busiest time at work at the same time, so I'd be doing (minimum) 9-9 shifts and not have a lot of free time after work to watch stuff, maybe like an hour or so.

I'd definitely say I'm in the minority of people who watch everything, but half the time I'm just interested in the banter more than the game itself, and there's usually something funny enough to make the vids worth watching (to me anyways).

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Seems like someone took the Destiny 2 key, but didn’t say anything. Boo-urns to you, whoever you are.

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@zombiepie said:

First, where are the HELL are @soimadeanaccount, @xanadu, @dixavd, @twolines, @wchigo, and @onemanarmyy? Y'all told me Gran Pulse was when the game got "good."

I feel betrayed. You lied to me.

Did I? I have a terrible memory so it's not outside the realm of possibility, but I honestly don't remember saying that? Or at least that specifically.

With reading through your blogs, I've come to understand how non-sensical and bullshit the story is. However, I still did really enjoy the combat, and I do remember saying it's a shame that it doesn't completely open up until later on because you're stuck with just 2 people in your party for the majority of the game. I actually don't remember doing a whole lot of the side stuff in Gran Pulse.

Oh, yeah, and the whole thing with Hope and Fang's doubts cropping in again to heavy handedly shove in Eidolon fights there was dumb, I agree with you wholeheartedly there. I remember thinking that even as I was playing the game the first time through back when it first came out.

Edit: And yeah, and that Bart boss fight is total bullshit! I remember dying there so many times, and I think at some point I may have put it down and came back hours later/the next day because I was so angry I couldn't think straight.

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Was waiting all along for reviews because although it looked real good from the E3 trailer during Sony's press conference, I wanted to wait and hear more. Since then, after seeing reviews from Easy Allies, Kinda Funny and now Giant Bomb, I'm sold. I bought it last night on PSN so it can pre-load and be ready to play right when it unlocks.

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Tap Titans 2

Ragnarok Online: Idle Poring

Fire Emblem Heroes

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Oh man, I bought this on PC and while I loved it there, I always thought to myself that this game would surely thrive on mobile and Switch. I'll definitely be double dipping at some point, and while I've never really played my Switch in handheld mode after BotW, I'm liable to put in serious time that way when I eventually buy it again.

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@sethmode: I respect it, I just don't see why it's a fake question so to speak. He wasn't asking to be convinced otherwise, just wanted to know other people's thoughts. With that being said, that's my last words on the topic. I've already kind of overstepped by interjecting myself in a conversation that I was not asked to be a part of after all. No disrespect meant to you at all duder.

To get back on topic, yeah the way Ashley behaves paints her in a bad light, but I only now realized after watching Mass Alex, that I never really thought enough about the start of the Quarian-Geth conflict. The Geth were created by the Quarians, and just when they were starting to obtain real intelligence and consciousness, they were deemed too dangerous (without any chance to prove themselves, and before they took any sort of violent actions against their creators or any other living organism) and were set to be exterminated. And all this when it was already illegal to create real AI, of which the Quarians defend themselves by stating that the Geth were not created as true AIs. Man, that's seriously dark shit right there...

Yeah, it sucks what happened to the Quarians afterwards, and being born centuries later you can hardly place the blame of this conflict on Tali, but the way she just blindly believes all Geth to be the worse because they almost wiped out the Quarians and took over the Quarian homeworld despite the fact that you were the ones that started all that shit and you might not even be in this situation if you were rational and reasonable kind of rubs me the wrong way now. I mean sure, the Geth are pretty much shown to the player to be bad at the start of the game, but even all that may have been avoidable if the Quarians hadn't tried to destroy them all, which I'm sure led to the Geth deciding to paint in broad strokes and label all organics as bad/hostile to their kind.

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@sethmode said:
@manhattan_project said:

@sethmode: I had a thing I wanted to say and discuss in this place where people discuss things? I don't really get what your problem is here. If you don't like my thread you don't have to interact with it at all.

I really don't know what you're driving at here. I'm not "getting at" anything. I was very upfront in my first post that I think it's silly to ask a question you already have a definitive and inflexible answer to. You asked me to explain further and I did. I just find the idea of asking questions when you aren't actually looking to be convinced of anything silly and counterproductive when you could, again, just start a thread with your opinion as a statement and let the conversation build from there. If you are so upset about what irritates me about thread titles, just ignore me.

Why is it silly to ask a question in that context? He never stated anywhere something like "Come convince me otherwise!" or shit that some people will pull.

I always took the thread to be asking others their opinion on Ashley and having one location for everyone else to chime in, and he likewise states as such in his opening sentence. You can have an opinion about something, and ask others what they think even if it won't change your mind. It happens and the time, and while I might have my mind set on something, I will at times welcome different perspectives. It might open my eyes to something that I hadn't considered before and alter my thoughts on a subject, even if ultimately I still arrive at the same conclusion.