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A place where we've all been

Everyone's there but never all at once.

There's a place where I've been, that's completely silent, but even so trying to hear your own thoughts is impossible, you have a million things running through your head at once, that, or you're void of any thoughts what so ever, either way they're both unbearable to live with. It happens when you get trapped inside of your own head, and instead of your home being somewhere that you live, it turns into something that you have to explore, you're trying to find something, anything, anything that will bring you out of this silent world, in which you're the only inhabitant, but you can't quite understand why?

    We've all been there, when we've been alone somewhere, be it when you're at home and there's no one around, or lying in a bed when a partner has already left. Is there anyone else there that could come and share my state of mind? or is this a solitary feeling only. Could this even be the true meaning of solitary, not only by your self in the physical sence, but by your self mentally, where the only thing is you, and normally when you can talk so much about any topics. When you find that you're stuck with only your mind to talk about, and the only person to talk with is yourself. Suddenly, you're not the best conversationalist.

    I've been here now and then, with ears rining from silence and trying my best to break from my apethetical saunter around my environments. Sometimes I'm nothing but an onlooker, my eyes are no longer mine, but that of a camera man that's taking me around an unknown to me location, all I can do is sit back and watch this dreary documentary. The air holds still, as does sound, as does time, as do I, it's as if I've raced ahead of the world and it's had to stop to catch up with me.

    And then you suddenly hear the sound of progress, the click of your dogs paws as he strolls into the house, the flushing of the toilet as your partner makes her return. For a second you're thankfull that you've left this nameless place, but only for a second, after that one second the place no longer exists, you won't find it on a map, you won't remember where you've been, and you wont be able to find it again. Untill it's ready for you.