How to subscribe to the new Premium Member Feeds using Zune.

Top Men at Whiskey Media have given Premium Members a new little bonus. There are now feeds that can be accessed in the new premium member hub that allow users to download videos automatically similar to podcasts. These work great in iTunes but for those crazy people like me that use Zune HDs, Windows Phone 7s, or the short lived Kin phones, Zune doesn't support the feeds. Here is a fix on the subscribers end that works with Windows 7.

You have to have Zune and (unfortunately) iTunes installed.

In Zune go to 'Settings' and 'Collection'. Click on 'Manage' next to Podcasts. Here add the folder that iTunes saves podcasts to.

After this subscribe to the feeds using iTunes by copying the URL into the box from Advanced / Subscribe to Podcasts.

Once iTunes is done downloading your content, Zune should automatically detect new media in the library and add it. If all went well, the videos should be in Collection / Podcasts. Zune may still try to fetch new episodes on it's own so unsubscribing in Zune may be beneficial.