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A-Ha: Ending on a High Note

Hey duders,
For my first ever blog post on GB, I decided I would write about a concert that I went to yesterday. The farewell tour for the Norwegian band A-Ha, made it's only stop in Toronto - make that Canada - last night at Massey Hall. 
For those of you who do not know who A-ha is, they are the ones who created the song, Take on Me. It was their biggest hit and was largely responsible for their popularity outside of Scandinavia. Here's a link to the original music video on Youtube:   
As for the concert, I would have to say it was one of the most interactive that I've been to. The lead vocalist, Morten Harket had the audience singing along right from the beginning. And during their more famous songs such as The Living Daylights (from the James Bond movie of the same title) he turned the singing over to the audience for a good minute or so allowing us to sing the chorus. It was awesome. And the band's singing in general was still very good for a bunch of 50 year-old dudes. I liked that they started with their newer stuff and went into the older, and personally, more familiar A-ha which generated a lot of energy from the audience. 
Overall, the song selection and choice of visuals made this concert amazing. It's a great way for them to say goodbye to their fans all around the world, and if anyone from GB is going be it in the U.S. or Norway - wherever, you will have a great time. 
I'm including a playlist for those of you who want to know what they played, but I'll hide it behind a spoiler warning so that if there is anyone going, nothing will be ruined.