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Most Anticipated Games of 2010

Hey there GB Community, just thought I would post a short list (as I have nothing better to do) of about 10 games or so that I am most looking forward to playing in this futuristic year of 2010.
So here is my list - OF THE FUTURE!

List items

  • The first Bad Company had it all. Amazing gameplay, graphics, weapons, and even a kick-ass single player campaign with a colourful and pretty hilarious cast of characters. But it was the multiplayer that had me hooked. Bad Company's multiplayer was to me, mind blowing. The fact that no place was safe with the implementation of Frostbite's Engine, "Destruction 1.O" made the battles feel much more realistic. And while it seems to be a staple of many current generation wartime games to travel to Middle Eastern locales, Bad Company kept it from being boring and repetitive by ignoring the main reason for fighting in these locales and instead based all the fighting on one simple thing, GOLD!

    Now, combine all that with "Destruction 2.0", new game modes, and there's a game I will come back to again and again, until I have every last unlockable, achievement, and earn the highest ranks.

  • Mafia: The City of Lost Haven has to be one of my favourite games I have ever played. I had always wondered at how it felt to be a "made man" after watching The Godfather. Moreover, the game was set in "dirty thirties", the height of Mafia activity in the U.S.. The game features many memorable moments such as the trainyard level in which you need to liquidate an important figure. The methodic way you have to fight through a plethora of mafioso's to reach a holding room in which the only way to enter is to crash a train car full of oil, and proceed to blow it up with the flick of a match (or was it a cigarette?) was to me, very crazy awesome.

    The sequel will sadly leave Lost Haven, but will see a new adventure, protagonist, friends, and enemies. It is my hope that is just as action packed as the original was, but without so many damn cops ruining your plans of silently executing people from behind with a baseball bat...

    Oh and at $10, it really was an offer I couldn't refuse.

  • Out of all the games in the Pokemon franchise, there was one game that I could not put down (even after the battery saves died). Silver Version. I have nothing against Gold, I played that too, I just picked up Silver version first. Pokemon Silver, introduced us to the Johto Region, and with it, 100 new Pokemon to catch. On top of that, Silver had the classic Pokemon style that I had come to love. So when I heard that there would be a modern remake of Silver, I nearly shat my pants. New modes, the ability to catch all the legendary's from all versions, and c'mon, it's Pokemon, who doesn't love a "new" game?

  • The spiritual successor to System Shock 2, Bioshock, raped my mind. I loved the idea of an FPS set in a 50's era dystopia ironically named Rapture. It was a butt-ton of fun to go around injecting myself with plasmids and shooting electricity to score environmental kills. I felt that the weapons should have been secondary, it would have been a lot more fun to use the plasmids exclusively. Even with all the weapon upgrades, they still felt somewhat useless against bigger baddies like the Big Daddies.

    With Bioshock 2, the weapons are still there of course, but as you play as a Big Daddy, you can use that big-ass drill in tandem with plasmids = AWESOME.

  • This game makes me wish I had a PS3, and, well I may just get one solely for the purpose of playing the next game by the same people who created Indigo Prophecy or Fahrenheit depending on what region you're in. IP is very near and dear to me. It has to be one of the hardest games I have ever played, almost every action your character takes seems to impact the events that follow. The quick-time events also range from easy to HOLY F***ING S**T THIS GAME IS HARRRRRRD! it also didn't help that I played this game on a PC that in no way met the requirements for running this game and as a result I had to retry many challenges as my slow computer would cause me to miss time specific actions that would end up killing me. Another qualm I had was with the controls, they were a tad awkward and more often than not were the subject of my demise. But besides the technical issues I experienced, this game had a narrative that kept me interested all the way through and had my heart beating at a million miles a second when police came to apartment the night after I had unwillingly committed a murder. I was running around trying to hide any and all evidence. And I think that's why I love the game so much. It always keeps you guessing, always unsure if the action you're taking is the right one.

    So you can see why I'm excited for Heavy Rain. It's IP with hopefully polished controls, a brand new story and what seem to be killer graphics.

  • Another IP style game, but for the 360. Update: This game is looking better and better! Only one month left until I can play. Then I'll review it.

  • Dude, Max Payne is back. He looks a little more rugged and uh, heavy set than he used to be, but I'll give him a chance. From what little has been revealed, he still seems as bad ass as ever. And on top of that there seems to be a change in scenery. The new game seems to take place in a tropical locale as opposed to the first two games which to place in New York during the dead of winter. Which was quite fitting for the game. It went along well with Max's personality as well as his unfortunate past. Hopefully the newest addition to the Max Payne series will be as intriguing and sometimes twisted as the originals.

  • Dead Space came out of nowhere. I hadn't head squat about it and really had no interest in playing it until a buddy of mine rented it. We played it late at night and lights out. Needless to say, it scared the bejesus out of us. But I wasn't quite done with it. I picked up a used copy and played it from beginning to end with my hands clenched on the controller ready to dismember the first monster that came my way. I really loved the aesthetic quality of the game, with the awesome integration of the HUD right INTO your character's suit, and video logs to be played off a projection on the suit was too cool. The game also featured amazing sound that made you feel like you were alone on a ship in space in which all the humans mysteriously disappeared.

    I am very curious to see how the sequel will top the first game...

  • Until Fallout 3, I had never heard of the originals. But now, after beating the shit out Fallout 3 twice, and currently going on a third play through, I regret never have having played the first two games. Fallout 3 is one of my favourite RPG's along with Borderlands. Fallout 3 had a pretty decent story with a lot of room to explore the massive Capital Wasteland that once was Washington D.C.. The weapons, perks, attributes and most of all the wonderful DLC (Point Lookout anyone?) had me clocking the most hours I ever have in a video game. I would say a combined total of 80-90 hours. Now if only only New Vegas can do the same, I can see myself easily clocking another 80.

  • I have been a fan of the side scrolling Castlevania games since the release of the NDS versions, and have since bought an NES for the sole purpose of playing the original Castlevania as well as a few other gems. I am hesitant to get this for only one reason. And that is that the Nintendo 64 game of a similar nature, the 3D adventure game, was a steaming pile. The controls were terrible, as was the camera.

    I really pray that this new Castlevania game is an exception to the poorly conceived N64 version.