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Most Anticipated Games of Electronic Three

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  • It's 2002 predecessor blew my mind. I got to see what went on behind the scenes in your typical Italian gangster family. Plus shooting dudes with a Thompson is so satisfying. I played this game so much that when I would walk in the city, I would look for dudes in black trench coats and think that they were Mafioso. But they weren't... were they?

  • Loved the first one. I've played through it many times, each still as axciting as the last. Now it seems there is potential for the game to take place outside of the Aperture Science facility? Sign me up!

  • I don't have a Wii, but I love the Kirby games. I've played almost all of them, yet I still can't get enough of the little guy. Rock on little pink guy!

  • Currently playing through the first one on my SNES, and I have to say, it's fucking hard! I'm at the point where I'm rushing to find Candy's save point everytime I beat a level. I mean how did they expect kids back then to beat this shit, it's next to impossible! Regardless, I'm hyped for the new one, it looks really good.

  • Looks like a very silly, yet very fun blob killing game. Laser grids, plus whatever else was shown in that crazy E3 trailer looks like something that I will enjoy doing again and again.

  • All the games that fall under the new peripheral are pretty cool, hopefully the latency issue will be fixed somewhat.

  • Never played the other XCOM games, but it will be different too for fans of the games as this is an FPS.

  • Rayman is awesome. Enough said.

  • More Zelda!

  • Fable II was a lot of fun. It will be cool to revisit the Fable universe.