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Top 10 albums

8/3/2011 at 3:18 AM my ten favourite albums currently are...

The Soft Bulletin - The Flaming Lips

Kaputt - Destroyer

Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain - Pavement

Hissing Fauna, are You the Destroyer? - of Montreal

Lonesome Crowded West - Modest Mouse

Sound of Silver - LCD Soundsystem

Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven - Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes

Paul's Boutiqe - Beastie Boys

Funeral - Arcade Fire


Microsofts E3 presentation wasn't as bad as people say...

I was disappointed with Microsofts E3 showing. At first.
It's unfortunate that there was so little for me. But that stuff seemed to be shown by the publishers instead of the console makers. It's not all bad.  
I was hoping for more hardcore stuff, but can't always get my way.
There was a lot of kinect stuff. And, while some of the launch titles for kinect look suspect... a lot did look neat. Which is a good sign. 
Microsoft seem to have something genuinely interesting on their hands. I am definitely not the target market of this stuff, but I am still curious about it all. Kinectimals looks like something I'd like to try. Don't see my self buying it and playing it for hours, but it looks like it's worth a try.
The Kinect Adventures look entertaining and creative.
There seems to be a lot of potential with this stuff.
The rumoured price point of $150 would kill it though.
I hope for the best with the Kinect. It seems to have a lot up it's sleeve. 
$100 with a game is a great price point.
It's easy to be jaded and hate on it because it's not for me, but it really looks like MS knows what they're doing to target the "casual" audience with the facebook stuff, and the fitness games that seem to improve greatly on Wii Fit.


The Big 3 at E3 Pt. 1 Microsoft.

What with the big 3 (MS, Sony, Nintendo)) finished their press conferences I figured I'd throw out my opinion on them.


Overall, I must say it was a totally decent show. 

The Beatles: Rock Band trailer totally swung me over to buy it. Looks great. Makes me wonder if a) You can import RB1/2 stuff into it (probably not), b) Import it into RB2 (99.999% sure no), c) use songs from the RB store in it. I'd love to see The Beatles play Ride The Lightning in the I am the Walrus suits. They seem to have all the bases covered with The Beatles Rock Band, you got your boy-band early beatles, pop-rock stuff, and your acid trip beatles. Looks solid, day one purchase for me, and I'm not a huge Beatles fan either.

Alan Wake looks great, though this is coming from someone who has been pumped since the first little droplets of information came out about the game. Seeing it in action was nice. Looks like a blend of Resident Evil 4 gameplay with Silent Hill style. Very excited. The game looks gorgeous,  and all in all I'm quite happy to see that it hasn't gone the way of the Duke.

Forza 3. Worst kept secret. Looks stunning though. Not much to say, seems to be an upgraded Forza 2. I'll wait on more details. One thing to note is a license car got wrecked up, almost Burnout style in the trailer (flipping with debris flying every which way). I'm wondering if they're able to do more than dings and scrapes with licensed cars now?

Modern Warfare 2 looks great. Sky is blue.

Metal Gear Rising is very interesting. I'm glad to see Raiden get his own game again. He was pretty damn cool in MGS4, I must say.  Very sparse details on this as well.

Halo ODST and Halo Reach. ODST looks interesting. I like the flash back-y story telling, game play thus far looks standard though.

Left 4 Dead 2? Really? Already? They couldn't put out DLC? I know it's got extras, like frying pan, new zombies, fire bullets and such... but doesn't it seem a little soon? I
m not quite as excited for this as I was for the original. The characters leave a little to be desired. They don't seem all that unique like in L4D. We'll see how it is. I would much rather Valve make Half Life 2 Ep 3. Goddamn cliffhanger....

Crackdown 2 teaser shown. Looks nice. I wonder what that was that came out of the sewer? Deff keeping my eye on this, really enjoyed the first one.

Shadow Complex... Well. I'm not too sure. I completely forgot about this. Good thing it's XBLA, I guess.

Joy Ride? Good thing it's free. Looks like the new (stupid) Sonic racing game... with out Sonic (though... that's more of a good thing if you think about it)

Looking forward to the Avatar costumes and props. Hopefully there's some good usage of this with games. C'monnnnnnn Big Daddy outfit!

Twitter/Facebook/Netflix/Move streaming. Ehhhhhh. Not really all that excited. Twitter usage could be neat. Not a big fan of XXX420_Smoke_Bluntzz420XXXGETh1gh knowing my full name :P. Netflix isn't in Canada. Annnnd the movie streaming... I have a PS3 for Blu-Ray, and my internet has a 60GB/month up/down limit. So ehh. Not too keen on streaming a full HD movie, considering it's not much cheaper than the store down the road.

Project Natal. VERY intersting.... VERRY intersting. Obviously it has some kinks, but it IS early. Not sure how it'd work for some games, but basic stuff could be neat. If it's cheap I'd buy it. The dodgeball game they showed, and the painting look neat to screw around with. It deffinitely has potential.

The new splinter cell has me excited too. I'm not a big SC fan, but that live demo was rather interesting. Coming this year, too!