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Bummer games

Games that were good, but could've been more. Bummer man.

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  • Maybe I'm just bitter about being 99% done a boss and dying 4 times in a row... the platforming/puzzle combination is really fun.. this boss is just annoying.

  • Cool in theory but TERRIBLE controls really ruin it. Also having 1000000000 tools doesn't make something fun. Limits make something fun. Over time you rely on the same old stand bys. The game should encourage experimentation, but instead it stagnates its self.

  • All the Easy/Normal puzzles are excellent fun. And most of the hard ones are as well. But a lot of the later Hard puzzles really point out flaws in the game. Some of the puzzles are so big that it can take a minute or 2 just to remove all of the 0s, and some times the puzzles are so big it could remove the wrong block because you can't get close enough to accurately choose the right block. It's really frustrating to not get a perfect on a puzzle because the DS screen is small, and considering you need a LOT of stars to unlock all of the puzzles in the Hard levels you need perfection :\. Such a shame. Should've went with the PicrossDS method of you have an hour to solve, and mistakes add to your time, then a slip of the stylus won't ruin 17 minutes of solving.

    Edit: Upon further thought, this issue is such a small portion of the late game that it's hardly an issue at all. They shit the bed in the last 2% or so of the game, basically. It's still rather annoying, but I'm not sure if it deserves to be here.

  • Interesting in concept. When I played it, though, the story didn't pull me in at all. Barely had any idea what was going on by the end. Gameplay was interesting, but just became frustrating towards the end. What it could have been...

  • How do you fuck this up?!

  • Really neat in concept. But so many of the puzzles seem to require a lot of accuracy and precision from less than stellar controls that just leaves stuff feeling tedious. "I know how to do this... but I gotta try again because he jumped infront of a box instead of climbing up on it." Too many of these moments.

  • So damned underwhelming and forgettable. I feel as though I should give this another play through, but I don't really care to.

  • I recently thought to my self "Oh. Never finished Ghost Trick... meh"

    Bummer. It was cool. But. Meh.