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8230 New Release Release 07/07/18 02:31PM 10 approved
8228 Dysfunctional Systems: Orientation Game 07/07/18 02:28PM 35 approved
8227 New Release Release 07/07/18 02:27PM 10 approved
8036 New Game Game This game is a direct prequel to a release already on the Giant Bomb wiki, Dysfunctional Systems: Learning to Manage Chaos. 07/05/18 05:37PM 10 approved
8033 New Release Release 07/05/18 05:29PM 0 denied
8032 First Winter Game 07/05/18 05:27PM 26 approved
7966 New Game Game A new horror release with a fair amount of attention on Steam (31 reviews). Developer Dan Sanderson's previous project, Pacific, was highly praised by sites such as Waypoint and IGN, and this game is a remake of that. 07/04/18 03:44PM 10 approved
7263 Unforgiving: A Northern Hymn Game 06/28/18 03:11PM 2 approved
7262 New Release Release 06/28/18 03:10PM 10 approved
7152 Unforgiving: A Northern Hymn Game Filled out the page with more info. 06/27/18 08:25PM 145 approved
7148 Outlast Game Fixed a typo. 06/27/18 07:33PM 1 approved