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Dexter, the final two seasons

This weekend was the first one I've had with absolutely nothing to do in a very long time and all I wanted to do was play Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, I was all set to start playing Friday night following UPF, but while UPF was happening I noticed that Netflix had added the last two seasons of Dexter and my plans suddenly changed.

I really enjoyed the first six seasons of Dexter, each season brought new interesting characters and new exciting situations, Dexter was right up there with Breaking Bad in my opinion, with the added benefit that everyone at work was watching the show so you could actually have conversations about it, nobody I knew actually watched Breaking Bad which was a shame.

Season 7 and 8 were absolute let downs, actually they were completely terrible in comparison to what had come before.

Ray Stevenson was great (watch Rome) but entirely underused, Yvonne Strahovski was great in Chuck, but really terrible here, I don't think it was her fault, her story line was just bad. Really the entire storyline for the last two seasons was ridiculously bad, Debra was an interesting character throughout the series became a completely unbelievable character following her discovery of Dexter's second life, everything she did following that moment was idiotic, she suddenly went from a great supporting character to a unrepentantly awfully written lead. I'm sure if I was ever put in that character's situation, I would be a complete wreck and have no idea what I would do, and that's sort of fun to think about; but the amount of flip flopping she did and complete 180 changes in direction that character made were moronic.

The Dexter character also slowly fell apart over the course of the last two seasons, really everything he did in the last season was completely unbelievable, the same problem as his sister, flip flopping on everything, completely indecisive in every regard, which lead to almost zero meaningful story or character progression through the entire final season. It was pretty clear that the writers where just trying to set up the end to the series, and it probably wouldn't have been so bad if the payoff wasn't the worst ending to a series I can even think of, I'm not usually a fan of most series sendoffs, I thought Battle Star Galactica was pretty bad, Breaking Bad was merely ok; Dexter had the most hokey, stupid ending I could even imagine.

I don't know if it was the 2-3 years between my binge watching of the first 6 seasons and the last two, but I really can't think of a greater break in quality in any TV series I've ever watched, it's really quite something for a series to fall so hard on it's face in the final stretch like this one did.

TLDR: Dexter is great; but only watch seasons 1-6, there is nothing but sadness and confusion after that point.