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Comfortable just looking at it
Comfortable just looking at it

I did a mini renovation to my house last summer and part of that was a major clean up and throwing out a lot of junk; including all of my cheap busted living room furniture; 6 months later and I still haven't replaced any of it and I've been sitting on the most uncomfortable wooden Ikea office chair.

I've always been a couch guy, but I can't seem to find one that is long enough for 6'3" me to comfortably stretch out on that isn't also a $3000 sectional that looks like trash.

The one thing that my Ikea office chair has done well with is VR; being able to to sit and freely spin about has worked well for some VR games, so now I'm looking at recliners that swivel. Last night I started to look around at what is available online and read lots of great thinks about Ekornes and Fjords, found out where they were sold locally and went for a sit; damn is furniture ever expensive, I had no idea, nice recliners seem to start at $1800 and can very easily get into the $4-5k range for a chair. The Ekornes Admiral chair may be the most comfortable thing I've even sat on in my life but I'm not sure I could ever justify the price.

So now I'm still sitting on my wood but I'm full of supple leather dreams, what to do...

What are you sitting on?