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I played Gods of Warses

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I spent the last month finishing all six God of War games.

Didn't think any of them were spectacular but I can understand the reverence some people have/had for this series.

What struck me most was how similar these games felt to the Uncharted series that I've been playing for years and that God of War did it first.

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For most I played the updated remasters, graphically they all hold up fairly well, the minotaur boss in the first game looks pretty terrible, and the first PSP game Chains of Olympus looks really bad, it's amazing how much better Ghost of Sparta looks in comparison.

The balancing beam ceiling in the first game; who thought that was a good idea...

The absolute low point in the series for me was the Zeus battle at the end of 2; it was long and it wasn't interesting like the Ares fight from the first game, and to cap it off I'm absolutely positive that there is something wrong with the quicktime event to finish the fight in the HD version, the only way I was able to get through it was to guess the prompts because there was no time to actually react properly.

3 overall was a bit of a downer, not enough action, too much standing around talking.

Ghost of Sparta was the biggest surprise, I had low expectation going in but it was a return to form for the series.

Ascension being the latest game, looked the best and was the most polished but it had the least interesting story in the series. Whoever thought it was a good idea to add multiplayer was wrong.

If you are thinking about completing this task like I did, the only thing I'd change is to play the two PSP games back to back, going between the PSP control scheme to PS3 and back again was really bad.

The one thing I was worried about doing this was getting the Kratos burnout that people seem to have, I didn't get that at all, if anything I'm more excited for the new game.

P.S. Dan is in one of the bonus videos for Ascension where they reveal the multiplayer to the press.