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Rant about passwords

It seems the older I get the more passwords I have to remember; between work and personal I'm at about 45 that I use on at least a monthly basis.

Now for the rant; it really pisses me off that every single place you go now seems to be developing different and more complex password standards; and on top of that the most idiotic places often have the most requirements; my gas card online statement requires capitals, lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and it has to be changed every 90 days, you know what someone could do if they figured out my password? look at my fucking gas purchases, that's it, who cares. Something Awful accounts are just as bad, 12 digits, letters, numbers, blah blah blah. Most of the people I know have started writing down their passwords and leaving them at their desks, SECURITY HELL YEAH! I can't wait for that day I can go to Bestbuy and get Iris scanner 3000 for all my security needs.

I've had my same bank pin for 25 years, maybe I should change that...