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Steam Greenlight highlights

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I've seen everything that Steam Greenlight has to offer, here are they are

The Best: Routine; survival horror based on 80's sci-fi, easily the best graphics and trailer out of everything up so far, day one buy for me.

Incredipede; Grow as many legs as you need! Looks a bit like World of Goo, but that's not a bad thing.

Other games that look promising:

Submerge underwater 16 player RTS

Pitiri 1977 RPG/platformer set in the 70s

Neocolonialism Destroy the earth in the most boring way possible, count me in; seriously.

Mcpixel everyone here should know this game, get it on Steam!

Octodad ...

There were a few games that I'm hopeful for, but they could easily go either way:

Kenshi An open ended, open world, sandbox RPG; sounds alot like a single player Star Wars: Galaxies - An Empire Divided which could be great or really bad.

Saturday Morning RPG hands down the best concept in the whole greenlight catalog, best concept I've heard in awhile in general, but the art is god awful in the game as it is, the whole game looks really rough, hope they don't rush this, it could be great.

Pro Wrestling X: Uprising again, this game looks really rough and I'm not really a wrestling fan, but the guy says he's trying to make it like the classic N64 wresting games and those were just good games period.

In Verbus Virtus completely voice controlled game, probably going to suck, but it's definitely something new on PC anyway. Graphics look to be pretty good quality and stylewise.

Project Zomboid Zombie sandbox, overhead perspective, looks interesting, pure survival. I think this is the highest rated game in greenlight now at 5%.

Now for the worst:

La guerre des galaxie MS paint / cut and paste your way to a game.

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