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Finished 2013

All the games I finished in 2013

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  • Tried to get this in before the end of the year, missed by 5 hours...

    Great game, no idea how this became the biggest disappointment of 2012, this was so much better than ME3 (fuck that game). The traversal and combat is the best of the franchise, the scope of this game is bigger than any other non mmo I've ever played, story was great; Conner, not as good a character as Ezio or Altair, but Hatham and every other character in the game easily top all of the other games. Not sure where they go from here, they seemed to wrap up enough that another game won't have much to work with. Only criticism this game has a few of the worse action sequences of the entire series which was surprising given Revelations being the best in the series in that respect.

  • Very short, nice style, story wasn't as clever as I was expecting.

  • An ok game, the open world stuff was fantastic, web swinging and wall crawling, boss fight were ok, they get better towards the end but nothing spectacular, decent story, combat was fine, finished main story and about half of the side missions/collectables in under 10 hours, so a bit short. crashes after about an hour of play on the PC fairly consistently, it has decent auto save so it only really tick me off one time it happened near the end of a boss fight.

  • This is probably the worst game I've ever played.

  • Not bad

  • There is a lot going on in this game but they ease you into it nicely, by the end I was able to pull off some crazy combos that would have completely put me off at the start of the game. The story is fun with some great over the top moments. Great game.

  • If you like the Mass Effect series (ME1 in particular), you should play this game right away. Good story & gameplay, terrible bosses if you aren't speced right.

  • Wow, this game really blew me away, probably my 2013 - 2012 game of the year. I've never played a game that controlled like this, at times it was frustrating but most of the time it felt good; this game really takes advantage of all the unique features of the Vita without throwing them in your face, everything just felt right. Story was a bit too anime in parts but overall decent, more than I was expecting, a lot more. The game was also longer than I expected I think I probably put 12-15 hours into it, I did most of the side missions, but there are still many collectibles I didn't get to. Great graphical style, this game really shows off the power of the Vita. I'd say it's worth getting a Vita just to play this game.

  • I've played pretty much every Blizzard game since Orcs vs Humans and I've enjoyed them all and this one is no exception. The campaign was good, maybe a little easy on normal, Kerrigan is overpowered and makes most missions a breeze. The story was fine. Everything has an incredible amount of polish that you don't see coming from other developers anymore. My only criticism; this game doesn't have that great personality that Blizzard games were known for, you could see it fading in WoL and D3, it's almost completely gone now (watch the credits for Warcraft 3 if you don't know what I'm talking about).

  • Loved it, basically 50% Uncharted + 50% Assassin's Creed and that's right up my alley. Great story, characters and amazing action moments, everything is very polished and slick. Multiplayer seems dead on PC already which is a shame but not really the reason to get this game. There was one spot right in the middle of the game and if they had sent even one enemy at me I would have shut the game off and never turned it on again I was freaking out so bad.

  • Great game, don't know why I waited so long to play it.

  • I don't like very many mobile games but this one was great; maybe a little on the short side though.

  • After finishing The Walking Dead game, I knew I had to play this game even though most reviews said it was terrible; this game is massively underrated, not that it's the best game ever but it is a good game. The story was decent, the action was frantic; it's 100% quicktime events and I wouldn't want to play a bunch of games like that but this one was exceptional. One scene right at the start of the first episode bugged and repeated a lot of dialog, that was the only bug I had, other than that the game played well, some of the button mashing was a bit much but I got through it all without much trouble.

  • Been awhile since I finished this (damn broken lists...) The boss fights in this game were so much better than Asylum but the trash mobs were a real drag; Asylum had a much better story and I think that makes it a better game overall. After playing both, I think I judged Amazing Spiderman a little harshly while that game isn't perfect either it does do some things better than either of these Batman games.

  • First Rockstar game I've ever finished; first Rockstar game I've ever been able to stand playing for more than a few hours. I liked it, by the end I was powering through it, the game is maybe a few hours/cases too long(I did play it through with all the DLC cases that may have been it but they were the best cases for the most part). Some of the story beats were completely out of left field and made no sense, and god damn the traffic AI, worst drivers in any game I've ever played or maybe just the most annoying.

  • Another game from my pile of shame completed, much better than I was expecting, story was a bit more cryptic than I had expected, combat was great and intuitive, I felt comfortable using almost all the weapons and never felt the need to go back to the old faithful. The last level was a little anti-climatic. Hated the jumping, guess it will open up new game plus a bit, I just hate falling.

  • Don't really like shooters, played this one because it was supposed to have a good story; it was ok, not sure what the big WTF moment people were talking about when it came out was, the whole thing seemed a little messed up but there wasn't a moment that made my hat spin. shooting was good for a console shooter. There were alot of spots that I died and it felt really cheap, the checkpoints were decent so no biggie. Multiplayer is completely non-existant as of now, Sunday evening, zero players online. Jake Busey and Nolan North and all the other voice actors did a good job. Maybe I'm bad at shooters but this game took alot longer than expected, about 10 hours for the campaign when I was expecting 6, glad I didn't push through and try to do this in one sitting.

  • I was enjoying this up to the end, the end was ok but felt sort of abrupt/anti-climatic and some of the story didn't evolve the way I thought it would.

    Finished Pigsy's Perfect Ten DLC also, it was long, almost as long as the main game and it's original levels with completely different gameplay mechanics and a good complete standalone story, if you liked Enslaved at all, play the DLC too.

  • This game is better than it has any right to be.

  • Longer than I was expecting, awesome soundtrack, open world felt full of life, some great characters, fuck the last mission, hated the driving, terrible car physics, the mob missions really felt like a lot of filler. Not a bad game but I liked Sleeping Dogs a lot better. Now on to Saints Row 3...

  • Pretty crazy going from GTA4 directly into this, wow what a clash, this game was a lot shorter than I expected, but it was the right length if that makes sense, and there was never a dull moment, it was go go go right from start to finish. I think I'm looking more forward to SR4 than GTA5 now. I've played a lot of open world games this year...

  • Cute

  • This game was a huge letdown, very much a kids game with no redeeming qualities for an adult.

  • Finished this and Grubbins on Ice, super cute but felt a little formulaic towards the end. Great love letter to old school JRPGs which I wasn't expecting at all.

  • Better late than never, this game is a lot rougher than I had expected, especially compared to TF2 and Portal. One bug towards the end really pissed me off and wasted about 3 hours of my time.

    Weak ending, and terrible squad AI. Glad I finished it though.

  • Ok the end of HL2 makes a lot more sense now, liked this episode much more than HL2. fuck that elevator part though, scared the crap out of me!

  • These episodes get better as they go...

    WTF that's the end?

    Now I understand, how can this go unfinished?

    Valve are bad people leaving it like this.

  • Just as bad as the first two...

  • Blasted through this in less than a week, I think I liked SR3 better, the story anyway, but this game was still great.

  • Goddamn this game was hard, mostly throughout the middle of the game, the upgrades come very slowly, especially compared to current Saint's Row games. The destruction physics were very good, but not good enough to hold up the rest of this game; extremely forgettable story and boring characters. The last 5 hours of the game are the best, once you are upgraded they start giving you semi-interesting missions. I think I'll wait for a bit before tackling Armageddon.

  • Great concept but I really dislike this game. An unholy mashup of funny and everything I hate about point and click adventures.

  • Great game, last level was a bit of a shitshow but I got through it eventually, good story, love the art style. Glad I played it.

  • Really liked the concept, became really annoying towards the end, just finished it on casual.

  • Easy game with a story that could have been a lot better.

    I did like the style/art.

    Fixed camera; not as bad as it sounds, they use it to lead you through the game, but it is annoying in some of the jumping sequences.

    I liked it, but it could have been so much better, they had a chance to tell a really interesting story in the last 10 minutes and I think they blew it there.

    Collectibles unlocked for a second run, don't think I will.

    3-4 hours long, when watching all the cut scenes, I think it would be pretty easy to do in under an hour on your second time through. I liked the song that they used, didn't like the singer at the end though.

  • I enjoyed this, but it's not really a game, even less a game than The Walking Dead was, it's just an interactive movie.

    I found some secret stuff at the start of the game that never seemed to materialize into anything.

    The game looks great, and the story was interesting, the ending was insanely insane though and not really in a good way.

    Shower scenes just as creepy as they were in Heavy Rain...

    Worth playing but not the GotY contender I was hoping for.

    edit: went back and replayed the end, it's much better if you don't screw up the black sun event, I'm actually really surprised they let that happen because that ending is probably the worst ending to a game I've ever seen and there is no indication that you've done anything wrong.

  • What an awesome game, I was hesitant to play this before the original Bioshock, but then I just said fuck it, I want to play some good games that came out this year and this one did not disappoint. Great story, the shooting was solid, not too hard, a bit scary in parts. I've played a lot of amazing games this year and this one is right up there near the top. First game I've played since I got my 5850 years ago that made me think it's getting close to time for a new gpu, game looked amazing but in some of the frantic parts I could very noticeably see frame stuttering.

    Play this.

  • This game was another pleasant surprise, I was semi excited for this before it came out but reviews cooled my interest; ended up getting it on sale, and boy am I glad I gave it a shot. This is one of the most beautiful games I've played this generation. The story was above average and had one of the biggest mind fucks I've ever seen in a game, I think that one sequence would make the whole game worthwhile for most. The combat was well done, but very much a copy of Batman, the custom combo system was interesting; you have to use the combos to survive and do well in combat which is something I think is lacking in a lot of these third person action games. Pulling off a 8 hit combo because you have to or you'd die is pretty awesome when it works out, luckily it mostly does in this game. I was having problems with crashing in the first few chapters, but after verifying the install through Steam, I had no more crashes, so I'm going to blame that on Steam. This game borrows a lot from other games but it does it all well and I think this is well worth playing.

  • Not bad

  • Fairly long for a Vita game, I enjoyed most of it, lots of creativity in the level design, more than the Asylum/City. Boss fights in this game are brutal, Batman is very much a glass canon and most of the bosses are packing some heavy firepower.

    The gadgets are used much better than City and Asylum also, as annoyingly hard as most of the boss fights were, they were all creative and use of all your gadgets is key.

    A bit heavy on the backtracking, but I did get almost all the collectibles.

    The in game map is useless, if they make another one of these, some sort of waypoint system would be invaluable at least for places you have already been to.

  • Shorter than I expected, but not bad, no filler at all which is cool, good game, they get a lot done with a simple control scheme.

    I like the story but, wow, sadness.

  • Not a perfect game but I did enjoy it for the most part.

    I think the difficulty of this game has been massively overstated, most levels I only died a few times, one-shoted a few bosses, once you figure out the patterns it's very easy to do what you need to do.

    The loot aspect was unexpected and when the loot was flowing it was exciting, there are a few very long stretches that had no loot and those parts of the game were the worst.

    The story had some unbelievably stupid moments, nonsense, and stuff that even a child would question. This game also had absolutely no humor in it, look at the animation style in cut scenes you'd think there'd be some funny moments, there wasn't.

    Knack wasn't very impressive looking, when he's small, he's small, and when he's big, he's just a big blob.

    I think the game was a bit too long, there was a point where it felt like it would have ended very nicely, then the game went on for another 2 hours. I had been playing it in 1-2 hour chunks all week and I was happy, once I hit level 9 I figured I was at the end to I pressed on and it ended up being 4 more hours of me saying fuck out loud every 5 minutes.

    Once you beat the game, it opens up new game modes and you can start using the alternate Knacks that you unlocked, I'm going to play it through again to try all the new stuff, Not something I usually feel like doing.

  • Decent story, the shadow platforming was interesting, definitely some frustrating parts, just like every other platformer ever. I liked the jazz/noir style. Nice tribute level to Limbo.

  • This is the first lego game I've ever played, the game play was pretty simple but not bad, I really enjoyed all the collectables and the Marvel theme.

    Sam Jackson parodies lines from Pulp Fiction in this, that alone made this game worth it for me.

  • I bought and played this because of the hype, it's a bit of a letdown, story was personal but fairly weak, it's short, discovering the story wasn't very interesting, just pick up everything you see, and holy man what are you doing leaving some of this stuff just lying around...

    Didn't really evoke the 90's in the way I had hoped.

  • Played the original and thought it was clever, this is no different, just more of it, good game but I didn't feel the need to play through it more than a few times.

  • Bought it because it was cheap, didn't have very high expectations, played it to see if it would be a good xmas present for my brother, I enjoyed it quite a bit, gameplay wise it's not better than any of the hundreds of other 3rd person action games that came out this gen, but it plays well, few spots where the frame rate went low in really odd places, never in boss fights, but standing in a hall in the middle of nowhere... not very impressive visually, Wolverine's arms are comically large, even by superhero standards. The Deadpool craziness is really what makes this game stand out, I don't think there is a single game I've ever taken more screenshots from, lots of "did that just happen" moments. The last two boss fights were brutal, only part of the game I didn't enjoy. I like comics and I like 3rd person action games, and this game was well work playing.

  • I kept thinking it was going to get to me, but it never quite did.

  • What you'd expect, a bit of Diablo did throw me for a loop in a good way though.

  • Play a tonne of this and the first one, I liked them both.

  • This game is still in Beta, but I've done everything you can do in it, which isn't that much, 20 hours of not much though so not too bad just a disappointment.