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Mixed bag 0

I really didn't like this game, it's true that there are great parts to this game, the voice acting, the environment, best horizon I think in any game; but the controls for this game were so awful and it was a constant irritation that went on forever. Story was a mixed bag, some great moments but I'm not a fan of westerns and this game seemed to be some sort of western story homage. It's done, but I didn't enjoy it and I'm even more confused by all the praise this game still gets....

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A fun modern fairy tale 0

Thought the art style was fantastic, I liked the fairytale storyline, It was a bit easy.I really wish the game was voice acted, reading the awkward rhymes was fairly annoying after awhile, I guess it was out of the budget for a $15 game, but it was really the only part of the game that bugged me....

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A modern adventure game done right 0

Liked the art style, story was interesting, stuck at one spot for about an hour, why do they make these games so easy then put one complete BS platforming section in the middle of the game, and the platforming isn't good to begin with. Other than that one spot, decent game overall....

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Once you "get" the game, it's good 0

I didn't like the combat system off the bat, but it really grew on me over the course of the game and I think its the best part of the game.I wish they did more with the non combat side of the game, it felt too linear, there is an environment puzzle at the start of the game then nothing, I think they could have done a lot more with that sort of stuff.Beautiful visual art and music, story is a bit lacking and the ending was a little severe, bravo for going there though.I will definitely buy what...

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This game is special in a good way 0

I'm really conflicted on this one, I really liked it, but mostly because of how unusual it was, not because it was a great game; in fact if this had been a dbz or some other anime licensed game I probably would have hated it, but it wasn't and I enjoyed it for it's great characters and constant over the top madness.Bad on Capcom for locking an integral portion of the game behind DLC, that's some real shameful shit right there and it's great content that should be played by everyone that plays th...

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A beautiful mess 0

I liked it, but at the same time, it was extremely disappointing.Great characters, visually superb, probably the best acting in a video game to date, but the gameplay just wasn't fun, in fact it was just one extremely frustrating corridor after another and it made the game feel padded for length when it didn't need to be, this game was way too long.The ending was stupid, the last hour of the game pretty much ruined the story which wasn't that great to begin with....

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A launch game 0

Not a perfect game but I did enjoy it for the most part.I think the difficulty of this game has been massively overstated, most levels I only died a few times, one-shoted a few bosses, once you figure out the patterns it's very easy to do what you need to do.The loot aspect was unexpected and when the loot was flowing it was exciting, there are a few very long stretches that had no loot and those parts of the game were the worst.The story had some unbelievably stupid moments, nonsense, and stuff...

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Not as good at it's big brothers but interesting and worth playing 0

Fairly long for a Vita game, I enjoyed most of it, lots of creativity in the level design, more than Asylum/City. Boss fights in this game are brutal, Batman is very much a glass canon and most of the bosses are packing some heavy firepower.The gadgets are used much better than City and Asylum also, as annoyingly hard as most of the boss fights were, they were all creative and use of all your gadgets is key.A bit heavy on the backtracking, but I did get almost all the collectibles.The in game ma...

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Simply beautiful 0

This game was another pleasant surprise, I was semi excited for this before it came out but reviews cooled my interest; ended up getting it on sale, and boy am I glad I gave it a shot.This is one of the most beautiful games I've played this generation.The story was above average and had one of the biggest mind fucks I've ever seen in a game, I think that one sequence would make the whole game worthwhile for most.The combat was well done, but very much a copy of Batman, the custom combo system wa...

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Tap tap tap your way to misery 0

I decided to give this game a shot because a few podcasts I listen to regularly talk about it and it's free.This isn't really a game in my opinion, it's just tapping on icons and then waiting for more icons to show up so you can tap on them also. There is no strategy or even any decisions at all, it's really the stupidest thing I've ever put on my tablet.The game uses Origin to save your game and to connect with your Origin friends so you can go tap on stuff in their Springfield too.If there is ...

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An original game worthy of your time. 0

Gravity Rush is a fusion of Portal, a 3rd person adventure game; with strong RPG elements and collectibles, it's quite ambitious and I felt they pulled it off nicely.I've never played a game that controlled like this, at times it was frustrating but most of the time it felt good; this game really takes advantage of all the unique features of the Vita without throwing them in your face, everything just felt right and natural.Story was a bit too anime in parts but overall decent, more than I was e...

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Meh 0

I played this game for roughly 15 hours mostly just to see what all the fuss was about, and I'm now feeling really let down by this game; I don't know how long you have to play to get to the sort of stuff you see in all those youtube videos with jetpacks and big boss fights, but I felt like I was nowhere near any of that. It was 15 hours of inventory management. There may be an interesting game hidden in here somewhere, but it's buried pretty deep....

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Cute and Nice 0

After hearing an inordinate amount of gush for this game from many different sources; I picked this game up to see it for myself.First off, this "game" is extremely short, I played through it twice, played the develop commentary and played Gravity Bone which comes packed in with the game; all this took less than an hour, I knew coming in to expect a short experience, but I was still taken by surprise by just how incredibly short it is.Gameplay; none to speak of, this is pure story, again, most p...

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