Best of 2009 REDUX!

Hey this is different right? When 2009 ended, I made a list of my 10 favorite games of that year. Well, right now i'm looking back at that list and commenting on what I actually still like and what completely dropped off my radar.

List items

  • Old Rank: 1 Still #1, I sunk more time into this than anything else. If I didn't have friends that played it alot i probably wouldn't have, but even still I had more fun out of this game than any other. Don't be hatin'

  • Old Rank: 6 After playing Brotherhood, I appreciate AC II even more. I love this game. Great story, unique mechanics.

  • Old Rank: 7 The single player experiences are what I remember most it seems from 2009. Fantastic story and mechanics. Best super hero game in a long time.

  • Old Rank: 5 Best Arcade Game Ever. The End.

  • Old Rank: 4 Great game, but I ended up trading it in because I didn't want to pay to play on 360

  • Old Rank: 9 Fun, funny, but quite short, I'm replaying this game again now.

  • Old Rank: 3 Halo is still my first multiplayer love. Okay game, but I rank it still this high because of the multiplayer, even though its the same as H3's.

  • Old Rank: 8 Great multiplayer but I didn't end up playing it like I thought I would.

  • Old Rank: 10 Racing games are fun, and this is one of the better ones. Overall, fun game, but I ended up not playing it that much.

  • Old Rank: 2 After most of my friends finished the game, I tried playing it by myself. I hated it.