Most Anticipated Games of 2011

List items

  • The sequel to my favorite game of 2010. Hmmm...yeah I'll take one of those.

  • Despite the fact that not tons about this game is out there, dear God I need this game. It beautiful.

  • Valve. Portal. Glados. /done

  • Batman: AA was one of my favorite game of the '09 season, and it still holds up very well against games similar to it like Assassin's Creed II and Brotherhood, made by bigger teams, everything known about this game looks great.

  • Looks fantastic, never did get a computer capable of the first. But, since this one's on 360, I get to try it out. Looks to have good multiplayer (even though the last time a dev took over the multi of a game it didn't build the single player of *Bioshock 2*, it didn't turn out so well), this looks to have a better base underneath and an interesting suit mechanic. We'll see how it goes.

  • I never finished Oblivion, or even the MAJORITY of the main campaign, yet I spend 65 hours in the game. That tells you something about these games. Even though I actually did finish Fallout 3 I spent more time in Oblivion, and...I want this game to swallow me just like Oblivion did.

  • Loved the first one, hope this one will be just as good. The trailers certainly look pretty, and have copious amounts of blood. Pretty blood...if you know what I mean.

  • Id's return to form? Again, not a ton known, but what we do know? Fantastic. Multiple discs with fantastically gorgeous slightly cel-shaded graphics and a solid shooter base make it seem like Borderlands, but this looks to have a stronger story and less grind. And they haven't even talked multiplayer yet.

  • Kaos knows what they're doing, even if not many people know who they are. Creator's of the Battlefield style Frontlines: Fuel of War, this game looks better every time I see it. I'm hoping they can pull an upset on the Battlefield's and CoD's of the world because they are definitely the underdogs.

  • If this game ends up being everything I think it could be, it will 1. Be the first MMO I pay for 2. Make 2011 the year of Bioware.