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Perfection until it finished 0

Batman is a great game with a horribly out of character ending. The game starts with a good run through of part of the asylum to give the mood. And man does it do a good job. This game is dark and it lets you know it. I love the setting and tone that the game sets, and its pacing is consistent all the way through. After the initial opening scenes of the game, you go outside and all preconceptions of this game are shattered. The game opens up, and although you have a specific direction you have t...

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Strategy Lite, but still not bad on its own merits 0

Halo Wars is a great game, and a fantastic addition to the Halo Universe, but if you do not have Xbox Live, its appeal is limited. The campaign is very good. It provides a variety of missions, and a very good storyline supported by great cutscenes. It does not do a great job of sucking you into the story, but for an RTS game, it is better than adequate. The campaign is short, but it is supported by the addition of skulls to find and very difficult upper difficulties. For single-player only pla...

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