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Almost certainly a high school goth.

In growing older, one tends to shed the obvious accoutrements associated with the Goth subculture. But the darkness remains.

Sometimes you can just tell. And sometimes people totally don't grow out of it.

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  • STILL a Goth.

  • He keeps his hair about an inch shorter now, but make no mistake. There's a NIN Coil tattoo under that uniform.

  • The Asari are a culture built on hanging heavy opaque curtains and dancing for hours to electronic Dark Wave.

  • While almost the entire Mortal Kombat universe seems to have a goth-y vibe, Ermac probably best sums up how one can carry a youthful melancholy into full blown dangerous fetishism.

  • But not Pinky or Inky. Clyde dropped out.

  • This one's a little on the nose. If I remember correctly, he is still literally IN school when this game takes place. The fur collar isn't very goth. But his attitude is goth as fuck.

  • Think about it.

  • The bitter biscuit to his brothers' Little Caesers Crazy Bread.

  • This is a long shot and I'll admit that it's pure speculation.