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One Night Rental 2

This game might as well be a downhill skateboarding game. There's no sense of weight, and it feels too easy to gain control and turn despite bombing down a hill. The system of a 3 tiered "trick" system largely encourages random button mashing, and you end up finding yourself spamming commands until a 1/4 second before you land.The World Tour is pretty much the same game mode from any other action sports game, with the addition of the ability to get new gear, none of it is really worth spending t...

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More Arcade than Sim 0

Not a bad game, but a bit underwhelming for anyone who was lapping up the hype we were being fed by all the clips released before the game. Contrary to the million dollar marketing campaign, this does not feel like a racing sim. It is very much, another Need for Speed release....which is probably what we should have expected. I won't go on about the "helmet cam" because it's already been covered by every other review out there, but it's just not a view you can use to win races. My overall strugg...

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Must Buy 0

If you liked the first one, it's impossible not to be head over heels for this game. The story line, voice work, and structure is the best I've played since Red Dead Redemption, and has the feel of a true Half Life full release. All of the new puzzle pieces (the gel, light bridges, etc) are introduced one at a time throughout the game, only forcing a few scenarios where you feel a bit overwhelmed.  Graphics are, as expected from any Valve release, nothing short of spectacular. Lots of different ...

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What Crackdown 2 should have been 0

While some games like Just Cause 2 and Spiderman have gotten showered with praise, Prototype has gone on mostly unnoticed. The sheer fun to be had while playing this game is up there with the best 3rd person action games. It's like God of War meets Crackdown. It's like Just Cause 2 meets Spiderman.  You will not be able to stop playing this game once you've logged 30 minutes in.    You play the role of a Alex, who's somehow woken up with the ability to shape shift and modify any part of him. He ...

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