I wish steam had some sort of quality standard.

After watching Red Orchestra QL...some games are absolutely frustrating to troubleshoot. I recently bought Bastion and it lost my saves and stop recording achievements. Dead Island, borderlands and magicka had horrendous networking problems.

I am just so tired, so very very tired.


That underground scene in Duke Nukem'

Am I the only one in thinking that the underground scene in the quicklook was in horrible fucking taste? It wasn't funny, fun or interesting. It was just fucking bad. It served no purpose except making you feel incredibly uncomfortable. Why???? I don't get how anyone would find girls vomiting and sobbing fun. Any interest in playing the game has vanished after seeing the quicklook. Please tell me that someone else feels this way...


To the people who have a problem with TF2's in-game store.

I'm not understanding the argument that an ingame store has somehow ruined the game. Many of you will probably have the same feelings towards portal 2. And so to better understand and possibly agree with the viewpoint. I'd though i'd ask some peeps on Giantbomb.

The special case with TF2 is that it has been extremely well supported almost 3 years after it's release and for me I can understand why an ingame store is possibly necessary to maintain that support. Apart from that, it has been something that people have requested for a long time. There is no tangible way to earn specific items and if the willingness to pay exceeds the price they sell the item then they will buy it. TF2 is now a major supply of income for valve and hopefully that revenue keeps PC gaming alive and valve doing what it does best. Making fucking awesome games.


Magicka's firey rage!!!

Aww man, the game is so broken. So broken. So DAMN broken. The online is anyways, been trying to play with a friend lately, and it took us 2 days to get a working game and when the game was working it would glitch out on us, steam achievements weren't working, awesome weapons would disappear and the games saves were not apparent. It is annoying the shit out of me. 


Shadow of Chernobyl

Started playing the first 20 or so minutes of Shadow of Chernobyl. It's looking great though i'm sad that i don't know how to stealth kill very well. 

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