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I'm hot for Hotline Miami 0

Having recently played this game, I wish to codify my opinions so that I can later review them.First play-through took me 5 hours.Hotline Miami scratches a very particular itch, the itch that only twitch shooters can satisfy, it is a very fast pace game that calls on the accuracy and the reactions on the player. It's controls (for the keyboard) are more than accurate for manoeuvring some complex actions to brutally murder several people. That is at least how I played it, since the game is not cl...

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Rage, the title means nothing. 0

First and foremost, Rage is a beautiful game. It does not go for detailed real-world graphics but it is at the very least good eye-candy. And that is no surprise coming from ID entertainment the producers and developers of the unreal engine and having John Cormack at least dipping his toe in this game. Rage takes on the very classic approach, in that it focuses on the gameplay, the art, the sounds and the graphical prowess than it does with the story.Focusing on some of the positives, the gunpla...

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Osmos, smallest idea to be the biggest. 1

Osmos is a game based on a very small idea. To be big. Nay, the biggest. The game really hits the nail on the head with this feature, even though it's a common mechanic in many flash and small developed games. Instead of levels, upgrades and persistence the reward for your hard work is seeing your masterful orb devour anything in it's way including the oppressors that sought out to destroy you at your weakest form.   Weeee!With this already addictive aspect of becoming the biggest, Hemisphere ga...

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Settling into Settlers Seven 0

  In my years of gaming, I've only ever played 3 RTSs; Warcraft 2, Warcraft 3 and CNC4. So when i picked this game up i was a bit hesitant that it would not be worth my time. I've never played any of the previous Settlers games, but i found this one particularly enjoyable.     Contrary to the cover of this game, the feel is more cartoon-ish. All cutscenes and cinematics have a crisp 3D animation and it's this style that really brings the characters to life, which in turn brings the game to li...

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