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@ervonymous: I actually find it much easier to use the rear touchpad. For one, your hands don't get in the way of the screen like it does when you are forced to have both hands on there. It also doesn't demand any accuracy in finger placement and only considers timing. The only problem is to hold the darn Vita in a comfortable way, I still can only do a couple of songs until my hand cramp up.

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So a developer that pissed away money for 14 years developing a shit game wants gamers to give them some more out of the kindness of their heart [presumably since no publisher or other funders trusts them]? SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN.

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@EXTomar said:

I would say that if you have no game you are looking for on either device then save your money. Wait till there is a game you are interested in then go get it and the hardware.

This is probably the best advice. I personally find the Vita library superior to the 3DS and that it has more interesting upcoming titles but just reading the thread you can see that is not the usual case. So just hold on to your money unless there is a burning desire for either machine, you are bound get more for your buck and be more content with the purchase that way.