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Little Big Planet gets a Little Big Delay

Before I go on I must address this...WARNING: All views in here are expressly opinions. You may disagree and you may agree on some. If you can't stand to listen to views that are different than yours or you get offended easily than don't read any further.

Two days ago, Little Big Planet was delayed due to two lines of the Qur'an in the background as music, a islamic citizen received a copy of this game early and complained to Sony about this "offensive" language. Sony recalled over 750,000 discs(estimate) to remove on song from the game. After giving this a few days of thought I have a few opinions I would like to discuss. In this day in time I can see where Sony comes from in delaying the game. Anything is taken as offensive and people fear being sued due to the obsessive amount of it going on. The tiniest things around can become the largest of court cases. Thus, Sony has good reason to delay the game so that there won't be any consequences. I understand the whole thing on freedom of religion, but that's just it.  Gamers are blaming the Islamic  community for the delay and that if they "weren't so offended" we would have the game in two days. I was furious when I found this out too, but it's not their fault entirely. Sony and Media Molecule put the soundtrack in the game so they know what they are releasing. Why in the first place would you release something like that. As sensitive as America is today and the diverse cultures we have they had to have at least thought something might have happened. The song wasn't put in the game on accident.

But that leads me to another thought. Why recall all the discs instead of just making a tiny update to pull out one song. Is it really that difficult? Epic games added a whole new online game mode to Gears of War through a patch so why can't Sony remove one song. Then this whole thing wouldn't be such a huge outcry. It's not the quotations that is making this a huge deal, it's the fact that it was delayed. This leads me to some excellent points made in Sweep's blog about this same topic:

A large group of people believe this Islamic interference is unjustified. Someone pointed out that people should be allowed to say what they want without fear of persecution - essentially presenting the notion of "Freedom Of Speech". Fine, you can say whatever the hell you want and you don’t have to care what people think about you. But you DO have to deal with the consequences. If what you are doing is fundamentally insulting to a culture or religion, then that’s just wrong. Sony seems to have realised it's mistake and is obviously trying to remedy it - hence the 1 week delay. There should be a level of respect for people everywhere, and that involves a level of tolerance. This is about what they think is important, not what you think is important.
I would like to point out to everyone that Freedom Of Speech is a western luxury, and that many cultures have strict social restrictions. We do as well, we just dont realise it because they are intergrated into our culture. Using this freedom to insult people just because they are so far away in another country is both cruel and unfair. I appreciate that no individial has been directly targeted, but supporting the "Who gives a fuck what Islam thinks!" ideology just proves how ignorant you really are. (Nobody said this, but it reflects the mentality).

The idea that we have become restricted by Political Correctness was also presented - and that people now live in fear of offending alternative cultures. Political correctness is there exactly for this reason - to avoid insulting people. I will agree that some aspects of political correctness are unnecessary but this is one of the cases where you should be paying attention because you are going to fuck off a lot of people if you screw this up, as Sony has just discovered. Criticising the concept of Political Correctness is understandable in terms of saying "Trial and improvement" over "trial and error", but if Sony had been more politically correct then this entire issue would have been avoided and their game would be released on time. Do you really think they care if a ten second cut of their soundtrack has the Qur'an in it? Of course not, they will have no issues with removing it - its just unfortunate that the problem was only spotted so close to release.

People are going to disagree with me. Well, let me know what you think. I would consequently like to recommend travelling the world, to everyone. It really does broaden the mind. If you believe that Islam is wrong on this issue then I suggest you travel a long way away, immerse yourself in a different culture and get some perspective. 3 years ago I travelled to Thailand, a country where they have infinite respect and loyalty to their royal family - to the extent that even saying insulting things about them is considered almost blasphemous. So you don’t walk into Bangkok and start shouting shit just because you are from somewhere else and you think these rules don’t apply to you. You shut the fuck up, nod, smile, and eat your fucking rice just like everyone else. You dont have to do it when you are at home but at least it would teach you respect for other peoples cultures.

Sweep makes an excellent point when he says traveling the world to immerse yourself in others cultures. While this is America we should probably respect others views more than most people actually do. We are very narrow minded sometimes when it comes to judging others. The "all muslims are terrorists" thing is very harsh. Although shamefully I have sometimes feared them and made extreme comments to other Muslims on this same point. 

We live in a country right now overcome by fear IMO which is the reason people blame the Bush administration for our debt problems. But no one as taken time to look at why we are there. People just blame others when they don't understand why something has happened. Bush never had a chance. He was hit by one of the biggest tragedies in a long time in America not even 7 months into his 4 year presidency.  He had to clean-up this mess and thus never had the chance to do what he planned to do. So don't blame anyone on this. We can blame the Islamic's for complaining, Sony for recalling, and media molecule for putting it in the game. So instead of putting the blame on others...such as I have in the past few days...get over it. I know it will be tough for me do to this being my one week off and I wanted to play the game all week, but it isn't as if it was cancelled or delayed for a month.

Till next Time,
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I'm Getting a PS3! Plus why I don't post on boards much here.

So first I'll start off with why you don't see me around the boards much here anymore. The game specific boards here aren't near as active as Gamespt's. If I need a quick question answered then this isn't the place. I know this site is still growing but I basically only come here to blog with you guys, check reivews and post everyonce and awhile.

Since I have done so great this year in cross-country and my parents owe me some money, in 2 weeks I am getting a PS3. Yesterday we had our City Championship race. I finished 17th overall and ran a 17:36 5k. Next year I am definately shotting for sub-17.For those of you who own a PS3, does anyone have suggestions for new PS3 owners? 
The week I get the PS3 Little Big Planet comes out but I don't know much about it. So please just make suggestions that are PS3 exclusives(so no GTA IV or Assassin's Creed). Thus also cuts me down to only having $250 instead if $570 due to me using my money my parents owe me and my performances to get the PS3. So....I am not getting Far Cry 2 for sure and possibly Fallout 3 when it comes out. I am still definately getting Fable 2 and Gears 2 when they come out. I have to save enough money for a few PS3 game.

Till Next Time,
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Oh So the Drama!

Hey guys how have you been. For me its been pretty busy lately. I ran a 17:55 2 weeks ago so FINALLY I broke 18:00. THen yesterday we ran a really hilly course and I ran 18:35 so not bad for the extremely slow course. Our football team is 4-0 now and no close games. All blowouts. I keep saying I'll write a review for Viva Pinata but I keep forgetting. I promise a review of at least something. Anyway's 2 blogs ago you guys were wanting some drama back. Well here is a little. SO there is this pretty hot girl on the Cross-Country team(I know coincidence right but not the same girl) and she is a huge Alabama fan. Well I live in Knoxville and I have tickets to the Tennessee vs. Alabama game and I am thinking about asking her. Now the game isn't for a few more weeks though so I have plenty of time. I just probably will get nervous before I do it so I really hope I don't pussy out.

Well...Out of time im in a hurry,
See Ya

I'm Back!

So hopefully my loyal bloggers haven't left me but here I am. It's been awhile and I have been very busy lately. School has been a swamper and I have had a ton of homework lately. Also, I have cross-country practice after school everyday so I don't get home till like 5:30 or 6. Yesterday I went to the Tennessee vs. UAB game and it was pretty sweet. Also Friday night our High School beat or rival 48-10. It was amazing. We rushed the field and we were going crazy the whole game in the stands. Zombie Nation was playing(for those who know what that is) and it was overall just amazing.

So VIva Pinata: TIP has gotten to be so addicting. I can't put it down hardly. I have a really good garden going on and I have helped out a ton of people. I still haven't tamed every pinata though but I'm working on it. I will have a review up soon so please read it whenever I have the chance to write it.

No drama over  here sorry. Please tell me what to write about in my next blog if you know anything you really want to here.

Till next time,
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So I bought Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise

Short bolg because I am short on time but I just wanted to let you know I am doing fine. No drama right now. Anyways I bought Viva Pinata:TIP and I love it. It's amazing and very addicitng. The co-op is great fin and the new pinatas are awesome! I highly reccommend it to anyone with the patience and right mind to play a colorful game like this. Can't wait to buy Gears of War 2. I promise I will make a more in-depth blog later today or tomorrow hopefully.

Till then,
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Another Week and COD4/Halo 3

So another week has gone by and school is going ok. Im struggling a little bit in algebra 2 but hopefully I can pull out at least a B. So this morning I had my first 5k cross country meet. It was deadly hot out and it was a very hilly course. I ran it in 18:49 and finished 5th on my team 20th overall. It was a great race. I can't wait for the rest of the season now. So i have been playing a lot of Gears of War due to the lack of games I have. I have decided to skip buying Star Wars: TFU and just rent it. Also now that I have a way to get $50 every 1-2 weeks I am thinking about getting Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4. I don't know which one I want. Which one should I get. I have basically all achievements from rentals but which one will give me enough online time. I might get it tomorrow or Monday since we have school of Monday thanks to Labor Day.

Well our high school football team won again Friday 45-21 so we are 2-0. We should be pretty good this year.

Well I don't know what else to say,
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Drama at the Football Game.

So last night I went to our first High School home football game. Everyone was there, including the girl I like. Anyways I will start from the beginning. I got to the game and for the first quarter and a half I watched the game. When we got up to 21 nothing I left to walk around the stadium. I bought a drink and then saw her. Now pause, this week she has been treating me differently she doesn't talk or say hi to me hardly at all. Anyways she saw me and kind of got this nervous look and then walked quickly over to her friends. For the rest of the night she was always with 4+ people. I thought....." OH NO! She found out somehow." I had planned to ask her if she wanted to hang out this weekend but I think somehow she figured it out and thought I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend. Obviously she was going to say no or didn't know what to say seeing as she sort of avoided me. 

Then things get worse. She is friends with this one guy that for years has hated me for no reason. But she doesn't know that. I noticed him talking to her a lot and when he would say something she would get the OMG look on her face and look towards my direction. I knew that he was spreading bullshit rumors about me to her. She has no idea he hates me so thus I can't blame her for believing them. He is her friend she trusts him. Now I could be paranoid because I have no proof of what he is saying but I swear this world is so corrupt and it lives off of gossip and rumors. What is to happen when the good people do nothing? But what can I do she won't even talk to me right now. I messaged her best friend over facebook today and I am waiting for a reply back. Hopefully she can straighten this out in my head.

EDIT: I just talked to her best friend and supposedly she started going out with someone at the game. Either she told her friend to tell me that but...I doubt that. Oh sucks ass for always.
Why So Serious?

New Blog

Bland title I know but this is a new blog. Seeing as a lot of people have a problem with me just generally talking about life and shit in my blogs I have decided to quit that stuff. Otherwise, according to them, GB will melt. So I will quit giving you guys updates as to what I do don't do in real life such as asking the girl out. Now if I ever ask her I guess I'm not supposed to tell you about it so you guys will never know. I guess I wlll keep my blogging to only about games to seeing as that's all I'm supposed to write about. instead of adding a little flair to my blogs and throwing in real life challenges such as high school, sports, girls, etc. I will keep it to challenges I face in gameing. So I guess that means my blogs will now be boring and uneventful*sarcasm*!


 Why So Serious?
P.S.-JonDavis and Sweep if you don't like the way I run things in my own blog then don't read it.

I didn't do it.

Short blog but....I didn't ask her. I got to nervous and she never was not with about 10 people. If I pull her away from her friends then she will know straight away what I want. I want to talk to her when she isn't with a hundred people. I think I might try it this week a school. I don't know I just keep doubting myself. Also I talked to one of my friends who is really good friends with her and asked him if he knew if she liked anyone and he said he didn't know. Oh well.

Why So Serious?