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First Week of School Is Over, Some Advice

First Week of School

So I survived my first week of school. Tonight I am going out to eat and then to my high school's football jamboree. Hopefully a lot of people will be there. I have been playing a lot of Gears of War and I have my touch back a little lol. School was ok this week. II have homework every night for about the first time ever. The homework in Algebra 2 is the only hard stuff so far, and BOY is it hard.

Update on the girl

So tonight at the jamboree IF she is there I was going to ask her either A) to the movie or B) to be my girlfriend. Which one do you think I should do? If I ask her to the movie, this means I will take it slower and she may either take it as I will eventually ask her out, or she won't know I like her and could go on to another guy. She is quite the popular freshmen. If I ask her out then she might say no because she doesn't want a boyfriend or she may think we haven't talked enough(if that matters). I don't know what to do, what would you do?

The Weekend 

Well, this weekend I have to help my sister move in to college down at the University of Tennessee. I will be on Gears a lot in my spare time and I have church Sunday. I am just going to try and enjoy my first weekend off. Hopefully it wiil be a good one.

Till next time,
Why So Serious?

First Day of School

Never in my life has the first day of a school year been such hell. 3 of my 4 classes or cool but then I went in to  Honors Algebra 2 BC. We did about 30 problems as soon as we walked in and for the rest of the class on our first day. THEN he gave us homework. After that I had to run 7-8 miles at cross-country practice because I am on varsity, thus I didn't really get to see "the girl" much, BUT I did find out I have the same lunch as her.......LAST. All in all it was extremely stressful and now I have to go finish my homework, get some crap signed, and then read a little on this book. THis is going to be one hell of a semester and that means about 10% time for gaming. Shit!

Why So Serious?

360 is Back, Other Stuff

So I got my 360 back yesterday. My gamertag is Demon Unleash3d for those who want to play some. I need to brush up on my skills before Gears 2. Only 3 days left till school. I can't believe it has gone by so fast. But I am ready for the first day. So for those who care, update on my girl situation. I talked to her on Facebook for awhile the other night. Then I have said a little to her at cross-country, not a whole lot. I guess I'll update you when something more happens. Well here is a funny video to add a little something to this blog.

Last Few Thoughts

So to start off this blog I have a few things to say real quick. One, I am sorry I have forgot the funny videos this blog. I promise they are coming soon. Two, how do you make headings inside the blog with bigger text and a yellow color to it kind of like how you did it Sweep. Just to give my blog a little more color and flare I guess. My blog is just so plain.

So  in the car the other day I was talking to my mother about christmas. I know its far way but I was asking her if I could get a blue-ray player. I told her about the crystal clear picture it has on our high-def TVand she said how much. I told her the PS3 was the cheapest one and she told me ok. Now all I have to do is convince my dad. So there is a 75% chance I will get a PS3 for christmas. I will wait closer to christmas to convince him to get it. I mean I know he would love the blue-ray player to and why would he want to spend an extra $100 or so to not get me a PS3? Well I have 4 months to think of a kick ass name for PSN. Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, and MGS4 here I come. Oh and in Feb. 09 DC Universe Online!

In school related news, it starts in 4 days. I can't believe Monday I will be sitting in a desk again. In several ways I am ready to go back. These past few weeks have been pretty boring and I can't wait for football season. Also I don't have an extremely hard semester. Only one really hard class.

Last thing, girl troubles....again. *sigh* There is this girl on the cross-country team, rising freshman, I am a sophmore, and I just can't get the guts to go over and talk to her. That's the one thing I hate about me. I just can't talk to certain girls. How can I expect to ask her out if I don't talk to her and get to know her better? I just want to talk to her for a week and a half or so maybe longer, and then ask her to the movies. I have made to many mistakes asking a girl out just right away without going to the movies or anything. I think I will take this one slower. I don't know I just can't get the guts to talk to her. Ugh.....

Well, till next depressing blog,
Why So Serious?

Serious Business: Upcoming week/New Games

So lately I have been playing my PS1 since my 360 isn't back from the repair center. I have played Crash Bandicoot 1 and 2, Crash Bash, Yugioh Forbidden Memories , and now my friend has let me borrow Final Fantasy Vii. I haven't started yet but I will soon.  This week is my last week till school starts. I have Cross-Country practice everyday at 3:00 and then this weekend I have to get my backpack and items ready for school. I can't believe it is already that time of year again. I am actually looking forward to the year a little bit. It probably will be a lot better this year. Well I don't really have a lot to say. Nothing has come up yet to talk about. I think on my next blog I am going to recommend some funny videos from Well......

Till next time,
Why So Serious?

Serious Buisness: The Blog

So I have thought of a name for my blog. What do you think of it? Its kind of lame but it keeps to my name. So I have been busy lately and it won't get any better. I don't have time to post on the forum like crazy like I did the first few days. I had Summer Insanity at my school yesterday. That's where you pick up your schedule ,get your picture taken, and get your locker. So my schedule is this:

1st Semester:
1st-Honors Spanish II
3rd-Theatre Production
4th-Honors Alg 2 BC

2nd Semester:
1st: Driver's Ed
2nd:Advanced Acting
3rd:English II CP
4th: Honors Chemistry

Well I don't have much to say really. I have decided to start mowing my neighbors front yard for $20 a week. Hopefully by the time all the games come out I will have enough money.

Decided to get Dead Space over Endwar

So after reading several articles and watching several videos on Dead Space I have decided to get Dead Space over Endwar. Endwar looks really cool but it might have to wait. I don't know if it will work, voice controls and all and I have decided to get Dead Space. The grisly and brutal violence and Bioshock like gameplay with disgusting looking monsters looks really sweet. And what better game to play on Halloween when it comes out then Dead Space. Short blog today but I am busy today and maybe tomorrow. On Friday I will be offline almost all day because I won't be home.

Till next time,
Why So Serious?

Random Things

So today I was busy. And tonight I am busy. I had to run this morning then go over to my mother's work for a long time and help her with some things she needed done. I won't be on tonight either because I have to go to my sister's senior send off banquet for church.

As for my game selection I have done the math. I am getting these 7 games but Endwar may be replaced by Dead Space I am not sure. I will wait for some more in depth looks at the game. At the moment I have $175 plus $67 of credit for whenever I trade in my games I have that I don't want. So $67 is one whole game with tax so  now I only need about $380 for the other six. I might see if one of my parents will buy like Gears 2 as an early christmas gift if I have too. So my grandparents every once in awhile give me free money like $100 so if I can get them to give me some money, like not ask but if I get lucky, then I wil have $225-275. Then my friend owes me $20. So hopefully I will have enough money for my games.

So I sent in my 360 and hopefully in 1-3 weeks it will be back. My PS1 is ok but I don't have any good games for it.

Till next time,

Why So Serious?

I need a job.

With school coming up I just can't afford to have a job due to school and cross-country season but I mean come on there are WAY to many great games coming out. I have finally narrowed it down to these 7 games and I think I might be able to afford them all if I can some how come up with $100 more dollars. This means I hope my grandparents will give me some free money for the time being so my game budget can go up a little. I have to pay for other stuff too. Here is the list:

-Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

-Far Cry 2

-Fallout 3

-Tom Clancy's Endwar

-Fable II

-Gears of War 2

-Left 4 Dead

Narrowed down to some great games that is almost impossible to narrow down even more. So I have come up with a list of games I can rent and why I decided to rent them and not buy them.

-Lego Batman: With no multiplayer and on;y co-op, with a week of renting this I can easily beat it and get maybe all 1000 points. Hopefully that will fill me up enough.

-Viva Pinata TIP: This sequel only costs $40 but that money can go towards STW:TFU. I can hopefully get my fill in one week and by playing the crap out of it hopefully get all 1000 points.

-Dead Space: A cool looking shooter but 1 day before fable. I mean come on no contest for me. Easily a rental with no online and hopefully can get all 1000 in it in a week.

-Project Origin: Never played F.E.A.R. and it comes out in Oct. To close to Fable for me and $60 that I don't need to spend.

The reason why I have taken Bionic Commando and LOTR Conquest off of my list is because BC probably won't come out this year thankfully and LOTR doesn't look good enough at the moment to pay $60 next to Gears 2 and Left 4 Dead. Hopefully it will be delayed.

Till next time,

Why So Serious?


Revamping My Blog PLEASE READ

So first I am going to start of my blog by saying a few things before I get to my main point.

1. Joker DAMN YOU you stole my username I wanted lol. I am putting Far Cry 2 back on I just watched a new clip of it.
2.REForever101, I am an RE fan but that isn't until next year.
3. Wall-E, I am sorry I didn't give it a high score. I rated it because I saw it and I just didn't feel it dserved a 9 or 10. It's my opinion I am sorry.

Now to my main point. I am getting tired of my blog names such as "End of Day, Beginning of Day" so I want a new title. After seeing Met2609's blog title, "Bombwatch" I want to name my blog's something more creative. If anyone has a name than please suggest them to me. Also after I get my name I am totally revamping my blogs. I want  you guys to tell me what you want to see. Give me segment ideas such as, where I find funny/cool videos and posting them, giving my opinion on new movies and games coming out, etc. etc. You know what I mean tell me what you want. I would like my blog to become more popular so tell me what you want to hear about. Give me many different options! 

One thing before I end. I don't know how to put youtube videos on my profile so if someone could please tell me than that would be great. Its a lot better than just providing a link.

Why So Serious?