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So I think my friends who are still loyal to me deserve a good explanation to why I have been gone for over 6 months. And here it is. I know i have said this before but the boards around here aren't nearly as active as they are on other websites. If I need a question answered I can't rely on GiantBomb to respond quick enough. If you have seen, the game boards here are dead so I decided to give a lengthy break for awhile to this place grew enough. I am proud to say I am back now.
Secondly, I was losing my blog readers. Instead of 30-40 comments on my blogs I was getting like 3-10. I didn't feel like people cared about my opinion as much anymore. The first week of launch I had over 500 friend requests and people commented on my blogs twice daly. It was awesome. Then my comments started to die down. I didn't feel like sitting down and writing a lengthy blog if 2 people were going to read it. So I hope I can regain my readers.
Thirdly, school has been hell. I had some of the hardest classes last semester plus I was in three plays and I had to run cross-country. I barely had time to play my games let alone blog about games on here. I have an easier semester now though so I have more time.
Fourthly, my account is glitched. I had like 500 posts in the first 3 days of the site's history, but it only said I had 8. It made me mad that it makes me look like a noob when I have 8 posts.
So there you go. my latest blog. I am back please tell your friends about me. I doubt many people remember me but I hope you all do. Have a great day!