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SO much to play....SO little time

So I just got out of school for winter break, took all my finals and now I get around 5 weeks off till I have to head back. My list of games I want to beat is growing everyday it seems like and I don't have enough time! Here is my list of what I am wanting to accomplish but I just don't know if I will be able to do it.
-Play the shit out of Skyrim: So I have only played for like 25ish hours and there is SO much more to do in this game. My life will be sucked into this game for awhile. 
-Play Gears 3 Multiplayer: So I have beaten the campaign and I played the multiplayer for awhile then set it down once other stuff came out but with the Booster Map Pack and the first of the DLC has come out I need to pick it up again and play some more.
-Complete Arkham City: I need to run through it in New Game+ Mode again, already completed Riddler Challenges, and then I need to get all medals on the Challenge maps. Love this game.
-Go on a crazy Zelda spree: So I have always wanted to do this. I have never beaten Ocarina of Time and I own it on N64 and Wii. I also am going tomorrow to trade-in Dark Souls and MW3 which should allow me to get Skyward Sword Bundle for under $20. I also plan on buying Majora's Mask off of amazon and beating that. So I ask you this. Should I beat OoT on N64 like it was made to be played, or use my GC controller and beat it on Wii?
-Beat Kingdom Hearts 2: I haven't played this game in soooo long and I have been dying to get back to it but this is last on my last of importance.
-Other misc. games that I want to play and beat: I plan on picking up some misc games on sale after X-mas and plus I will be getting some other games for X-Mas as well.
So I have quite a list of games there that I need to play and beat. To tell you there truth that isn't all I have to do either. I have FFVII and FFVIII that I picked up this past summer stored away somewhere and I need to beat those too. SUCH a busy gaming break. And I still want to read the final book in the Inheritance Trilogy, plus this book called Tick Tock by James Patterson. I don't know where to freaking start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!