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Underrated movies 1 "THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE"

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I really like the man without the face. To sum up, Mel Gibson has a burnt face. He looks like two face. And he is a loner. He befriends a little kid who insults him him but eventually (being a loner himself) he hangs around him around and Mel teaches him stuff. The friendship they form enriches both characters lifes. Up until he is accused of being a pedophile and is banished. This movie is kind of odd. It's like a conventional "innocent" inspiration movie if you applied it to real world values. In the end regardless of the characters genuine friendship, the world being the way it is, he is banished as a pedophile. This is partly because of his burnt face but also his loner behavior. He was convicted of killing a child with a car (gave him burnt face). The end of the movie is very touching. Even though Mel Gibson has been told to keep away from him, the final scene is him secretly watching him graduation from military thing.

This movie was directed by Mel Gibson. He is a very good director. I like most of his movies barring Bravehart with is basically one long historically incorrect racist hate incitement to kill English people. I always found it odd how no one overly complained. If he replaced "England" with "Africans" people would rage. This is a much better, simpler and humbler movie. It's also interesting that Mel changed the movie from the book to something more positive (read wiki). Overall I give this movie 8/10.

This is very conventional but I like that the burnt face man he plays doesn't overcome his problem and the peoples ignorance isn't overcome. People do not work like that and it elevates it above standard fodder. It is a fairly old movie now (1993) and it doesn't seem to get many re-runs here.