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Best Dreamcat game 0

GET SOME! GET SOME! YEA! YEAYEYEAYEYEA! GET SOME! GETSOMEGETSOMEGETSOME YEAYEAYEAAYYEYEAYEYAYEYEA!This is the best fishing simulator made and Segas second best game after Total War. A true classic for any fan of fishing (or bass)Games it is better than...Mass Effect, Gears Of war, Halo, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3, Dragon Age 2, Gears Of War 2, Gears Of War 3, Rage, Syndicate, Dark Souls, Oblivision, Skyrim. And many more.This unsurprisingly is a game about fishing. It makes you feel like real ...

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Am I missing something? 0

Another overrated Halo game. People told to seal clap for what is, a totally derivative after derivative game.I really do not understand why this game gets so much praise. Perhaps Microsoft is paying people off, probably.I would recomend FEAR. Halflife. Far Cry. And Crysis over this. For multiplayer it is very old but Quake 3 is still very awsome. Likewise, Team Fortress 2 is another great game. The community for this game is pretty bad. Lots of kids and young teens F-bombing....

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An epic retelling of Napoleons life 0

This is more or less a more polished, better designed Empire: Total War.One of the biggest diffrences being the emphasis on generals being far more important. If a general dies, the ability to replenish (rather than just re-buy) units dissapears. Moral is lowered along with the ability to inspire. These features were far more basic and less important in Empire and were taken on board with Shogun 2.Unlike Empire, this has specific story telling for a character rather than a natation with several ...

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Masterpeice 0

This game is very good. Easily the best strategy game of 2011 (and game imo).In it you command Japanese people and they fight other Japanese people. You win the game by fighting the mostest Japanese people and making your Japanese people the bestest. Overall, this is better than Mass Effect 3 imo....

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