Reasons Why 2010 Was The Best Year of Video Games of All Time

Video Games.

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  • Just by being released during 2010, this game automatically makes 2010 The Best Year Of Video Games Of All Time. In fact, it makes the 2000s the Best Decade Of All Time In General just by purely existing. Sometimes, you find a game that is so purely excellent that it makes all other games seem better just by sharing the medium with it. Deadly Premonition is that game, and also that movie, and also that album. It makes Art better.

  • Wow! This game would also singlehandedly make 2010 The Best Year Of Video Games Of All Time, except it doesn't even have to. Vanquish took third-person shooters, a genre stuck in the mud, and gave it Rocket Boots, allowing it to fly from the dreaded claws of mediocrity into the sky of being one of the best games ever. Thanks, Vanquish, you truly are the Best Third-Person Shooter Of All Time.

  • If you like e-Sports, or V-Sports, or Sports Electronica, you already know that Starcraft II is one of The Best Video Games Ever Of All Time. If you need proof, you just need to watch that time when Squirtle Archon-toileted Mvp’s battlecruisers in the GSL finals, and then you need to watch all of Squirtle’s games ever because he is the Best Starcraft II Player of Being My Favourite. If this game had a campaign, it would probably be swell also.

  • Most people don’t really know Nier, including many people who played it. It’s a game where it changes from being a Really Great Game to one of The Best Video Games Ever Of All Time after you have beat it the first time. The second playthrough is just the video game equivalent of being really great. It almost made me think video games were cool.

  • Assassin’s Creed 2 made assassinating into a rock party. Brotherhood took this party and made it so you could buy a lot of stuff. Like, drinks, and kazoos. As it turns out, buying stuff is the key to video games, and owning banks is the video game equivalent of eating a nice steak. Also you can sit on top of buildings.

  • Picross 3D is the Greatest Picross Video Game Of All Time. I would know, I have 3-starred every puzzle on two separate profiles. That is not a brag, that is just me telling you how good at Picross 3D I am. Knocking bricks, painting bricks; these things are the essence of video games. This game is my home. I love it.

  • Man, this game is boss!!! If you’ve ever wondered why your life isn’t where you want it to be, it’s probably because you have not been appreciating this video game enough! Move over, Pacman, and Ms Pacman, and Pac Man Championship Edition, there is a new video game in town and it likes to call itself Double Xtreme and it is here to Kick Your Face.

  • Cowboys are nature’s way of saying that we are not as cool as cowboys. Rockstar appreciates nature. This game is really really cool. Undead Nightmare was not as cool. That was unfortunate. It’s a good thing this list is not about 2010 having the Best Red Dead Redemption DLC Of All Time.

  • Children are the future of video games. This game attempts to bring children into the video game experience, by making a game that finally stars them! Little Timothy goes searching through the woods looking for his sister, with only his glowing demon eyes to help him. Good luck Timmy!

  • This game is the Most Visceral Video Game Of All Time other than Bioshock. It’s very hard, just like my smile when I play it. What a game.

  • Ahh, to be back in Minnesota again. The joys of partaking in the pleasurous joys of the Twin Cities. We could even watch a Twins game. But wait, we could also solve puzzles in this video game equivalent of a boiled egg done just right! This game is why PCs even still exist.

  • If you like the Pacific Northwest, then we are buddies. Alan Wake buddies, that is! Also, regular buddies! Alan Wake takes flashlighting your way through rural Washington to a whole ‘nother level. I don’t really know what the story meant.

  • The soundtrack to VVVVVV is actually the Best Video Game Of All Time. The game is pretty good also, but the soundtrack outshines it like it is the Sun and the game is the Sun’s little brother. The VVVVVV soundtrack is so versatile and lovable that you can do almost anything while listening to it. That includes playing VVVVVV.

  • Bad Company 2 made Bad Company 1 look like a prequel. Of all the modern military shooters that have been released, Bad Company 2 features the coolest shooting with guns of all them. I like to play this game.

  • British people sometimes deserve recognition for more than making good television. In this case, they made a very good video game. I usually don’t like video games where the player-character is named Monkey, but I make an exception for this game.

  • I have never played this game, but I’ve also never played the Mona Lisa and I recognize that as one of the best poems ever.

  • This game is near the bottom because it doesn’t feature the 2010 Style that makes all the other video games feel like 2010. This game feels like 2011 because it is the future of video games. In 26 years, you will look back at Halo: Reach, and be all “Wow, that game influenced every video game to come after until eventually video games became the way they are today.”

  • Street Fighter IV made fighting games fighting games again. This game made fighting games Super again. Juri kicks fireballs.

  • This game is important, but it is on the bottom of the list because I am still bitter that they did not let us ride around on the moon like they did in the first game.