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Another game finished

Finished  Ratchet and Clank 2.  It's fucking excellent.

All the lock on shit that didn't work in the first one is fixed and you can strafe, just that alone makes it 20% better than the first one.  Most fun I've had in a game in over a year and puts another notch on the PS2 is better than the 360 headboard.  Ending was abrupt as hell, though, I really thought it was fake credits time when they popped up.  I'd watched the Gamespot review and they said it was 20 to 25 hours and I only had 16 on the clock.  I might just do the harder runthroughs later on but I've now got 3 to play - oh yes.

The Good: Strafing, weapons that feel niiiiice almost overpowered sometimes, general tone.
The Bad: Occasional "Why didn't you grab that ledge, you cack handed cunt!" moments.  Giant Clank moon fights, flying bits.