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I dreamt of a giant bomb...

 Last night I dreamt that I'd created a SONIC BOMB that had like a massive blast radius - you know, miles or something.  I'd armed it and was faffing about doing stuff somewhere and then I realised that I'd lost track of time so might not be able to get far enough away in time.  I'd also forgotten the arming code for it but it turns out Pg (my girlfriend) had it written down and it was ffwm or something, so I went back to the bomb and extended the time and then said we'd have to clear out.  My mum and Pg said they basically weren't going to bother and were basically going to stay and get killed by the blast because they were pretty content with their lives and didn't mind dying.  Then they were having tea and biscuits with a load of other people who didn't seem to care either.  I tried to pursuade them to go but they weren't fussed so eventually I got in my car/truck/whatever and drove away.  I watched the shockwave from the bomb from far away spreading out like a ring, ripping up the land.

I'm wondering if this dream was brought on by the fact that yesterday I found an old stupid japanese alarm clock in my room and I wound it up,  A little rabbit nods its head every tick and there's an elephant in the main picture, dual bells, a hammer - all the classic Mickey Mouse clock qualities.  It was ticking away all night.... like a bomb!

But mostly I think it's the fact I've played Red Faction every day for a week.