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Favorite Franchise's

This is a List of my Favorite Franchises, there are numerous franchises with it that range in genre but one things for sure if I like them something must have been done properly :D

List items

  • Guild Wars: This franchise is one of my Favorite CORPG's, in fact it's the only CORPG and I've been addicted to it for nearly 38-39 Months (That's right a beta player :P)

  • Team Fortress is by far the best of the best when it comes to Class based FPS's, their are barely any other games out there that can compete with the supreme awesomeness that is Valve's Team Fortress Franchise.

  • God Damn!, this game is the ultimate puzzle game, for a genre that I once considered a joke I'm really enjoying this amazing Puzzle game!. Hopefully Portal 2 will deliver the Multiplayer and longer levels that have been promised.

  • This series has some of the best games ever in it!, Bioshock blew us out of the water even before we could get on our water wings.

  • God Damn, this is by far the best single player game out for the PC gaming Market, everyone has to play this game as it's enjoyable throughout the 100 - 200 hours of gameplay if you play from the original Half-Life to the current Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

  • This is by far one of my Favorite Franchise's for the Xbox 360, this game was amazing and because of it I started developing my presence in the Professional Gamer Career. The only bad part of the game is that popularity bring's hackers / cheaters which destroys the fun of the game when you reach rank 45 like me.

  • What else is their to say?, Any serious First Person Shooter player has played Counter-Strike at one point in there life, Counter-Strike has numerous games and is rumored to having a new release coming out soon (Counter-Strike 2).

  • Aw yes, who could forget my original Addiction, this Online Role Playing Game is amazing, despite being owned by Blizzard and having none of the found members left Diablo 3 is bound to be an amazing game!

  • Call of Duty is another First Person Shooter that is extremely addicting, I have loved this game since the original Call of Duty was released in October, 2003.

    This is the current FPS I'm engaged in. (August 2nd, 2008)

  • One of the first games I ever played on my Original Playstation, this game made me fall in love with the game and is the only reason I continued to buy the Sony consoles!

  • Fable and Fable the Lost Chapters bumped the minimum in what game companies had to add into RPG's. I sure hope Fable 2 can deliver as well as Fable 1 did.

  • This franchise was an awesome change for me, being mostly a FPS player I liked the play style of the games and all of them provided mild enjoyment for me while playing.

  • No actual franchise is listed so I selected the newest game in the series, this game is amazing and was an fun to play while learning a bit of history :P