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Favorite Games of 2009

These are my favorite games that have been released in 2009, I won't go into a lot of specifics but these games all kickass in there own way, I feel lucky this year, so many AAA Titles in what felt like such a short year!

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  • Like Left 4 Dead 1, L4D2 provided that zombie killing experience I was looking for, there aren't many titles that are straight up Zombie Killing action so I'm glad Valve released this game so soon!

  • Most PC Gamers bitched and complained about the Lack of Dedicated servers but when you get down to it the lack of abusive administrators and douchebag 12 year old Server Admins really made this game enjoyable.

  • I played through the Human Warrior and Elf Mage stories, it's extremely linear but I'd play it again in a second, I enjoyed this game from start to finish.

    Great work Bioware!

  • Beat this game from start to finish First Playthrough and second in a total of 21 hours, I did all the quests and all the side quests, it was extremely short and very little re-playability for a single character, but once you play the other 3 characters you really get a lot for your money (80+ Hours of gameplay)

    PS: Level 50 Firefly Siren, 10 Phoenix, 4x Hell Fire SMG = Easy Borderlands.

  • Provided a new look at Halo for me and also let me play Halo 3 from the ODST disk, not bad, I'm looking forward to Reach though.

  • Great time waster.

  • I enjoyed this game.

  • Halo and an RTS, I think I just jizzed in my pants.