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Upcoming Games I'm Interested In! (2010 - 2011)

This is a list off all of the games that are releasing soon that I'm looking forward too, 2010 - 2011 release schedule.

List items

  • Diablo 2 was a game I was addicted to for a while, I loved it, the late night dueling, the Baals runs, everything so I'm obviously looking forward to this game!

  • Guild Wars was the alternative to World of Warcraft, for my full opinion on the game read the review I wrote for it, I'm extremely interested in this game and will most likely be addicted to it for a few years when it finally comes out!

  • Graphics, Graphics, Graphics

  • It's an interesting concept, I'm watching this to see how it turns out, hopefully it has strippers, I like strippers.

  • Nothing to say about it, saw a few trailers and some gameplay and thought it looked fun.

  • It's going to be tough trying to decide between this or Guild Wars 2, in the end I'll likely play Guild Wars as it won't have a Monthly Fee and I'm kinda tired of Star Wars games, SWG, Kotor and kotor 2 did it for me.

  • Having played the first and not the second I'll probably skip right through the second onto the third or pick up the second over the upcoming Christmas break assuming I get time off work.

  • Duhh

  • Some interesting concepts, if the servers setup sucks (No Dedicated Servers, etc) I may not buy it, but anything is possible.

  • Reminds me of FF7

  • Multiplayer!

  • Graphics are okay and it seems like a type of game that I'd like, I'll probably rent it.

  • I loved Bioshock 1, Bioshock 2 with Multiplayer sounds like it's going to be one hell of a game, I'm looking forward to this game!

  • Read my review for Mass Effect 1, assuming ME2 builds onto the story of ME1 and continues to appeal to me with the next bunch of Trailers and Videos released I'll play this game.