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How about some non-current generation universes like:

C&C (pre renegade)


Unreal (Origional only)



KOTOR (acient starwars)

Resident evil (1-4)

As far as this generation goes I'd say:

Team fortress 2

Mirrors edge


Half life (including portal)

Mass effect

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I never seem to get far in Viva piñata 2, but I usually completely give up on things like that that aren't sticking after a year or two of not getting into them. But I really hate it when you loose the plot on something and can't get back into it when you initially really liked it.

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Speed runs of classics would be awesome, people are still trimming seconds of OoT, mario 64 etc. Other than that, Starcraft, CS, TF2, the various fighting games currently being played competitively. All that stuff seems to be continually getting bigger, its probably only a matter of time. Picking a random terrible game each time to set speed runs on would be something ridiculous I'd watch.

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Of course OoT seems generic and boring and looks bad now - these are all things that should have been argued about In 1998. Turns out, in 1998 most people couldn't get enough of it. If you missed the boat then I don't think there's much point arguing about it now as you'll never be able to see it through those 1998 specs. Nostalgia is what allows me to see past it's flaws now. If you didn't like it at the time then fair do's but it's always going to be a masterpiece for a lot of people.

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@BeachThunder: I was wondering that, but unless the PC version was drastically different to the other versions, I think the screenshots on that page might be of the wrong game.

These are the kinds of videos that come up when looking for the treasure island one:


But the screenshots on that page seem to be of the one I used to play which is by a different developer as far as i can tell.

This is critical work, I cannot stress how important it is that we keep the DOS troll games in order!

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@Barrabas said:

I played a ton of BioMenace and Hocus Pocus as a kid. I remember BioMenace being super violent compared to most other games I owned at the time. My early childhood PC gaming consisted of mostly Apogee games. Other than those two I remember a lot of Halloween Harry, Jill of the Jungle, Crystal Caves, and Monster Bash among various others.

Wow yeah I played a lot of that same stuff when I was a kid. I seem to remeber having a lot of Apogee stuff, along with the ID stuff I used to play like comander keen 1-4 and heretic, hexen, doom etc. The origional duke nukem's (pre 3D) were also some of my favorites. I had monkey island and day of the tenticle and that sort of stuff but I think I was too young to be into those.

Hearing games like hocus pocus and monster bash again has got me remebering this troll game I used to have on DOS that no one seems to have added to the site.

Loading Video...

EDIT: Just added it

Such an assault on the ears and eyes

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It's easy to get all worked up up about military shooters because of activisions success with them, but you only have to look at games like tf2 to see how a completely different take on the genre can still be massively successful. Tf2 also has a really big female following. It seems to attract a more mature audience as well despite its "cartoony" art style - probably due to its big competive scene, some of its more old school mechanics (rocket jumping right out of quake 3) and it's bigger focus on team effort and organisation. As long as we see this kind of sucessful variety and as long cave are still managing to squeeze out niche bullet hell shooters and pay the bills I don't think we need to panic about fps's.

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I'm hoping for some kind of grilling feature/grill based addon.

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Out of everything I've owned the 360's been the only console to break. It was one of the extra heatsink models as well (falcon or something?) that came out after the first set. I've had a number of PC's with problems but that comes with the platform I guess. I feel like overheating consoles and some of the traditional problems PC's have are just going to be part of the future of consoles now.