Best games of the generation (based on the 360's life time)

List items

  • The constant stream of amazing updates -FREE amazing updates, and really solid and balanced gameplay means this has to be at the top.

  • It's difficult to think of another game with atmosphere quite as heavy and gameplay quite as unique (aside from other from games) as Dark Souls. Every innovation in the souls series' game and online mechanics seem geared towards its grim atmosphere. You have to know what your getting into to enjoy this game, it's purposefully unforgiving and hard but I never experienced anything "broken".

  • One of the best surprises of the generation - finding out how awesome this extra orange box game was, as well as the reveal that it was linked to the half life series. Some incredible bizzare atomsphere and soundtrack that give it such a unique creapy but comedic feel.

  • Stylistically and in sound design, this just seems to be my favorite Halo of the generation. Reach added some awesome features but nothing that stole the magic from Halo 3. Being one of the best earlier online multiplayer games for the 360 definitely adds something.

  • Introduced me to the fighting genre by bringing it back in fashion in a huge way. Incredible depth based on a relatively small move set.

  • Sure Mass effect 2 and 3 are better all round games, but this had the magic of being the first and i think that has to be taken into account. The locations were pretty cool in this one too!

  • Unexpectedly great story thats just the right length for the gameplay. Not the best multiplayer but with the addition of being able to take a local buddy online and the zombies mode, I felt this out performed all the other post COD4 offerings.

  • Beyond the creepy anime there's some awesome bullet hell here. The soundtrack and setting set it appart from a lot of other shmups I've played.

  • Completely refreshed 3rd person shooters for me. Just when I was starting to feel GOW and all the other 360 coverbased shooters had well and truely run this genre into the ground, platinum blew me away with this incredible nonsense.

  • This game really put stale skating games in a great new place. The more realistic trick system made just messing in skate 2's big open world around really satisfying.

    The heavy emphasis on online in skate 3 felt like modern EA business strategy had had a little to much influence in its developtment, and the whole game felt a bit of a step in the wrong direction.

  • Music and level design that topped the origional.

  • This game really showed what the single player in a modern fighting came is capeable of. It's a shame I left the multiplayer before it got patched. But the singleplayer story and challange tower are worth a purchase on their own.

  • An odd choice out of recent pokemon games, but this one had better music in my opinion. Thats pretty much the only reason. I wasnt a massive fan of the world either in heart gold and soul silver dispite the awesome poke-walker.