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Super NES Collection

SNES games I've acquired in the order I got them!

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  • Received 10/2/2012

    Plays like an easier f-zero and is a lot less serious and hence more fun than most other F1 games I've played.

  • Received 10/2/2012

    The best soccer game I've played. I hate football but this game is awesome. It's hilariously fast and fluid and isn't slowed down by real time names.

  • Received 10/2/2012

    Completed 16/2/2012 (Bowser's castle, not 100%)

    I am strongly of the opinion that this is the greatest 2D Mario game of all time. I wasn't after playing the GBA version, but somehow the SNES version has turned me around. Having people show me all of the amazing secrets has certainly helped.

  • Received 16/2/2012

    Completed 19/2/2012 (Master difficulty, Knight cup)

    I find it weird that the top speed guy is the guy with grippy steering but it somehow works out. Completed with Samurai Goroh of course! The music in this game is incredible, and the mode 7 3D makes racing games like this totally playable today unlike a lot of 8 and 16 bit racers on other systems.

  • Received 18/2/2012