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Infamous Review 0

This is one of the first games I got for my PS3, and let me start by saying It's a good game.  You start out as Cole McGrath, a bad-ass delivery boy who's special package (not THAT special package), explodes in his face and he is granted superpowers and alot of people die. The story then follows Cole as he sets out to either fix the city he inadvertantly destroyed, or take it over for himself.  The first friend you encounter is Zeke, a fat, modern day Elvis wanna-be, and 'Trish', the girlfriend ...

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Marvel Average Alliance? 0

 Ok, I'm rewriting this review because after an extended period of time with this game, I've come to realise just how bland it really is.   Firstly, this game's levels aren't as adventurous as the last one. In this game you go from bland boring warehouse to bland boring street to bland boring underground. I prefer the first game's levels where one level you might be underwater, then in a sholin temple, then in space, then in freakin' VALHALLA! It gave the game a more comic book feel to it, wh...

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Just Cause review 0

I got Just Cause off my brother for my birthday.When I started to play it, I found it fun, but the entrance to the game  was boring.You're parachuting down from a plane for about 3 minutes, going to help some guy on a beach, and the bad guys just HAPPEN to show up as soon as you arrive.You're also pretty much invincible, and the bad guys are crap shots, so getting rid of them is easy, however, I wouldn't expect insane difficulty for the start of a game.Then you're being driven around, going to y...

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I love this game.I got the demo for this game back in october, and played it pretty much all the time. The fact that there was only 2 parts of 1 level to play and only the campaign, did not decrease my enjoyment at all, and when I ran out of demo, it wasn't until christmas I got the full game, due to a lack of money income on my part.Now I have the game, and I enjoy it even more than I did when I had the demo. However, I find a lack of my friends play the campaign, which I prefer to the versus m...

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Eh.. 1

'Eh..' is the title of this review, because that's how I pretty much feel about the game so far.Sure I haven't played past the first 2 levels, but that's because I feel no sense of importance in the whole thing.The world has been SPLIT APART and all sonic is focused on doing is finding out who some annoying little twat is.The day time stage seemed too fast paced. Hanging flower posts and trees right in our faces, didn't exactly help as you're speeding though some town with pretty bad controls an...

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GH:WT Review 0

So this christmas, I got the Guitar Hero: World tour Solus, mainly because I already have Rock Band and the instruments for it, and partly because I can't use Guitar hero controllers, (Don't know why, they just feel weird).So I went and shoved it in my xBox and started off on the guitar career on expert.2 days later I was finished.This in no way is meant to imply it's a bad game, the career is just a bit easy and short.But I like the 'Book your own gig' section.The character creator I was lookin...

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Pokemon Red/Blue review 1


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Portal review 0

Ok, so last Christmas I got the Orange Box, mainly for Portal and HL2.When I played Portal, I was confronted with some pretty good puzzles and a pretty funny game.Then I completed it."Ok" I said, "that was alright".I played it a couple of times after that, but once you've gone through it once, it isn't really challenging anymore, and the jokes don't have that much of an effect.Sure it's a pretty and well made game, but there's nothing really to do other than complete it and then uninstall it.Sur...

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RockBand review 1


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Team Fun-tress 2 0

When I first got the Orange Box, I was only interested in playing Portal and Half life 2.But once I had completed those 2, I decided to venture into the realms of Team Fortress 2.I had no idea what the game was about, all I knew was that it was online only.I got online and after getting my ass handed to me on a silver plater on MULTIPLE occasions, I got the hang of it and started to enjoy myself. I was soon t o find an English server full of fun people who didn't take the game too serious. I had...

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My Spore Experience 1

So after weeks of anticipation, I went out and scoured the stores for a reasonably priced copy of Spore, and the best I found was actually sold out. So I went and ordered it off the internet. When I got it, I went straight to my computer, installed it, and started to play.Starting off, it was pretty good. being a carnivore, I swam around and attacked other creatures, until the ocean decided it didn't want me. I was booted out of the ocean and given legs and nested. Then I went and killed some la...

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Bioshock Review 1

So I got myself an xBox mainly for the need of a new console, and partly because I was desperate to play the game that's given so many reviewers a big huge stiffy. So I went and bought it, got home and started to play.As soon as I got into Rapture I was confronted with a Spider Splicer. After it was chased off, I noticed I didn't see one until about half an hour into the game later, which kind of confused me. Shouldn't something I see straight away be everywhere? Or did this one splicer run off ...

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