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Hentai Mansion in Hollywood. 0

If I had this game when I was 17 years old I would probably love it and had a lot of "fun", but unfortunately I'm pushing 30 and this Lollipop is the worst game Suda51 had ever made (After Michigan, that game really suck). A lot of sexy costumes to unlock for ... masturbate?... The game is short, it took me 4/5 hours on normal difficulty, the music are truly amazing, the mini games are broken and the worst Suda51 ever made, the level design is linear but nice and ok, the camera sucks, the combos...

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An ok arcade game 0

It's a mediocre game but not really that bad, it's for a rent type of experience. There is no plot and if you want to understand whats going on you need to see the movie from which the game is based or read a wiki (the way I did). The characters are all well animated and fun to use but the levels are plain, empty, repetitive and limited. There is a "Story Mode" in where you fight some weak enemies and some bosses, there aren't any cut scene just some plain text between levels to explain why you ...

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A great shooting game (Not an RPG) 0

It's a pretty fun Shooting game with a Fantasy RPG flavour. Sure thing, it is a pure arcade business  and not a Dungeon Siege experience likes you been expecting  but it doesn't mean it is not a good game.The fights are frenetic, colourful and fun in a co-op situation, maybe too confusing if you are playing with other 3 friends,  but trust me, if you like shooting  game with  levelling up, upgrades and everything you need to blast away hordes of enemy and bosses, well.   you are going to love th...

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