Ragnarok Online, a Regretful mishmash

So I've been playing Ragnarok DS lately quite a shitty game its just copied and pasted crap from the online MMO with some trite cliche'd story line added on.
So In an urge to play the actual game which I've tried a few times before. I search for the client...Obviously one goes to the main page and downloads the main client right? we'll having utorrent I opted to get the torrent download...didn't work it just refused to download the torrent...the main page link was downloading at like 100kb or less so that was like a few days download so I opted to find a faster download, Nearly every other source and mirror found on the RO webpage was for a version 12 or so and with version 13 I thought hey its just one patch.
So a'downloading I go, Get it downloaded and installed and it refuses to connect to the server, Just sits there static like try every thing in the form of changing permissons...ect some sites cite letting it sit there for a while which I did, still nothing so uninstall...so In hopes it might speed up I download the client from the main download link over at the iRO site...took a few hours but finally finished...installed...will not play..Keeps saying Ragexe.exe failed to write...So searching, Searching...find that the makers of the game don't have it set in the install instructions to give the OS permission to change files in vista or windows 7 so more security changes..then I look around...where is the folder...its not in Program folder (x86) where most of the 32 bit stuff goes on Windows 7 no it installs in the 64bit program folder..so go there change the folder securities and let it download the patches...*plural*...wait...my account isn't paid up? yeah I know this but Im trying to play on the free service and the EXE only pooped out 2 exe's ragnarok online and sakray...I know for a fact I've played for free in the past...so a searching I a'go lol.
    we'll it seems they rolled the free client into the premium client download, it should have pooped out 3 exe's...the 3rd is in the gravity/ragnarok online folder you have to specifically go find it.  So Off I go...wait...Updates? you mean I have to individually update each client? *found this out cause he thought sakray might have been the new free client* so I do so...long update...again...
  So I finally get it updated start her up...whats this? my old lvl 37 swordsman...I thought I had deleted him when I last stopped playing, so I boot him up and I'm in a cave somewhere near geffen with loads of familiars, zombies and such, I can hold My own for the most part but about 50 of them gain up on me as I try to leave and I die...restart from last save...outside prontera culvert....BOOM dead...what? oh someone has used a dead branch and summoned some morea of thantos or something...dead...dead...dead...dead...About 30 other characters dead in my area can't revert to save cause I just die as soon as I load up......FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU city ragnarok!!! Now I know why I stopped playing this City game.