First Post!

My very first blog on any kind of site whatsoever! I guess I'm not very good at detailing my daily life to strangers. Not that many people will read this anyways, but welcome! I'll try to talk about my shenanigans in the world of video games every now and again, giving my opinions and maybe making a few suggestions.
As for this week, the games that have dominated my life have clearly been the many I have bought during Steam's huge sale going on right now. They've even pulled me away from completing Red Dead Redemption, even with my friend constantly insisting I complete it. Seriously, there are quality, full size games for one or two dollars, it's a perfect opportunity to pick up any games you were previously on the fence about. For now, I'll talk about the one game that stuck out to me as actually quite fantastic. It is none other than Clive Barker's Jericho, an FPS horror game from 2007. I picked it up for the hefty sum of two freakin' dollars, so it better be good or I just wasted good money. It got pretty bad reviews at the time, and most critics called it a missed opportunity.
However, in my experience it was actually a pretty good game. Of course, it is occasionally frustrating and the level design leaves something to be desired, but it is genuinely creative with a well-told story, probably one of my favorite squad based shooters. I might just write a review later to elaborate on how it is a game that could be worth your time and, possibly, the best two dollars you ever spent.