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It's fun, fast, and catchy! 0

    THE GOOD: A brand new 2D Sonic game, great music, great 2D graphics, adds new abilities from the 3D games into 2D gameplay, extra characters add length and change how the levels are played out.   THE BAD: Kinda short when compared to Sonic 3 and Knuckles, getting the Chaos Emeralds is extremely tough, some parts of the levels pose too much difficulty for some characters.  When you think of Sonic, you think games that could have been better. Specifically the 3D games. Sonic Adven...

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Not much new here, but still a whole lot of fun. 0

THE GOOD: A great anniversary present for Mario's original adventure; great attention to detail; very polished; great tunesTHE BAD: Not much new with this New Super Mario Bros.It's about darn time we got a new 2D Mario game. How long has it been? 12 years? I'm not sure. But that is a long time. But it's the 20th anniversary of the original Super Mario Bros, and as an anniversary present, Nintendo created New Super Mario Bros, a brand NEW Mario game. We should be excited for this. And we sure are...

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Greatest improvement to the series since it went 3D! 1

Link stands outside of Hyrule Castle TownTHE GOOD: Perfectly polished, one of the best looking Gamecube games out there, fantastic music, epic scale.THE BAD: Not a Wii game, nothing to do after you finish the game. The Legend of Zelda has been an ongoing series since the 1980's. Enjoying both critical and commercial success, it goes right up there with the greatest game series ever made. So every time a new sequel comes about, the hype is always intense and mesmerizing. An example of this would ...

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A game for friends. 1

 Me versus a friend. Every screen in this review is from the game's own screenshot feature!   THE GOOD: Online play is fantastic; best soundtrack ever; superb 60 fps graphics; huge selection of fighters and stages; flawless fundamental gameplay; great fun when playing with friends. THE BAD: Loading times are horrible; you can't play user stages online; if you don't have friends or an online connection, then this game is not for you. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is here and I have been playing it f...

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A frustrating experience that's saved only by it's controls. 5

THE GOOD: Stunning graphics, spot-on controls, best cutscenes ever, inventive boss fights. THE BAD: Terrible level design, disappointing story, hard to use online play, lack of excitement during most of the game. Nintendo wanted to create a brand new Zelda game for the DS that would be controlled entirely by using the touch screen. This is a great challenge, considering you wouldn't think of a Zelda game, which has always had very complex controls, to work on one touch screen. But somehow, the...

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