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Best of 2009

Win's Best of 2009
2009 was, by all-means, a fantastic year for gaming. If for no other reason than letting me experience some of the most cinematic and engaging moments that I could ever have fathomed in a video game. I didn't play a ton of games in 2009 so my list is more of a top 8 rather than a top 10 (and even that is a little big of a stretch). The other titles I played this year were either released way before 2009 or it didn't feel right  shoehorning them into the 9th or 10th spot. On the other hand there were some 2009 releases I totally missed out on that would have probably made the list (Dragon Age comes to mind) and maybe I'll have a chance to return to this list in the future and update it.  Here's to 2009:

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