The Importance of Window Film to Safety and Security

So, once again, most of us don’t have a solid monolithic half-inch or quarter-inch piece of glass in our homes or buildings. It, therefore, seems deceiving to advertise a product as a ballistic-rated product when it requires that you replace your existing glass before adding multiple layers of a film to it.

I think it’s easier to go out and buy a ballistic-rated laminated-type glass that is a finished product without all the hazards of dry times and clarity issues and install that rather than replacing the glass and then adding film.

This is not to say that window films can’t serve a critical role in securing a building.

So there are two ways to look at this:

  1. Stopping a bullet is something we’d all like to do, but window films aren’t going to stop bullets. (therefore, bulletproof window film
    currently isn’t a real or available option)
  2. Window films can, however, hold the glass together once it’s been shot. And even though the bullets passed through and can cause damage, keeping the shooter out of the building can dramatically reduce casualties by limiting the target options. Once the bad guy’s in the building, things go from bad to infinitely worse.

To Recap

Window films should not be considered if the goal is to stop bullets.

However, window films can be a very valuable and affordable solution if the goal is to delay a shooter’s entry into the building. They reduce the casualty count potentially by giving occupants the time that they need to run out of the opposite side of the building or to hide and barricade themselves in a room somewhere.

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