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#1  Edited By Wink

I can't believe people can play 2-3 hours of the game and somehow write it off.
With the amount of depth in GT5 (e.g. unlocking damage) how can you do this?!
Actually I know how - you are not a racing simulation fan.  
You are a casual racing game fan. 
You prefer the GRIDs, DIRTS and NFSs of this world
You play Forza 3 with the 360 controller and not a Fanatec wheel and think Forza's rewind function is a godsend
iRacing scares you, rather than impresses you.  
So be it
Play your 2-3 hours and return it, sell it, give it to your cousin. 
Just know this - years from now, GT5 will remain, solid as a rock.