My favorite games of all time, in no particular order.

List items

  • My favorite RPG of all time, and one of the best games of all time. It still holds up to this day. Time travel and anime frog knights. 'Nuff said.

  • My favorite Final Fantasy game (although 4, 7 and 9 are very good as well). In my opinion, its one of the best FF stories ever told.

  • My favorite Metroid game. I love the haunting atmosphere, tight controls, and the excellent pacing. This is one of the best games on the SNES, and still holds up today. (Prime is great as well).

  • My favorite of the Zelda series. This is one of the finest games ever made.

  • Great music, some cool side scrolling action and town building all mixed into one game. One of my favorites on the SNES (and it is a big list).

  • Continuing on the tradition of Actraiser, but this time with an isometric perspective. This game had you traveling into dungeons and releasing kidnapped souls to rebuild a town - each town was a level (I loved the forest town with the animal village). Very satisfying gameplay, taking you back and forth from the dungeon to town to solve puzzles in both areas. Another great game on the SNES.

  • The second in an old school Genesis series of games (starting with Shining in the Darkness) that laid the groundwork for series like FF Tactics and Etrian Odyssey. This game was extremely addictive, with turn based battles, fun characters and an interesting promotion mechanic. Later games in the series added new character classes and improved UI and mechanics, but the first Shining Force was still the most fun.

  • One of many first person RPGs I played on my old PC, and one of the best. I loved the setting, the character creation and the old school difficulty. Legend of Grimrock owes everything to this game.

  • My favorite adventure game from the 90's. Guybrush Threepwood is one of the cheesiest videogame protagonists, and his dumb jokes make this game great. Love the soundtrack too. Pirates!

  • I played a lot of adventure games back in the 90's, and this is my second favorite. Great story. Love the references to Casablanca.

  • One of the best D&D games ever made (although the formula has greatly improved with the sequels), and the precursor to some of the best RPGs around (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, etc).

  • Great atmosphere, interesting setting / story, sapping guards with a blackjack and dousing torches with water arrows. Can't get much better than that.

  • My favorite Castlevania game in the series. I started with the original, and SotN brought the same brutal platforming gameplay, while adding in RPG elements that I loved. Unlocking 200.9% became an addiction, and was a lot of fun to achieve. This game is the pinnacle of the series, and every game since has striven to achieve its heights. One of the best games on the PSX, and one of my favorite games of all time.

  • The section in the apartment building scared the crap out of me. I loved the original and 3, but the story here was by far the best of the series. Hopefully the new one will invoke that same sense of dread.

  • A real turning point for the series, and a step into more action-oriented survival horror. Although I love the series in general (the RE1 remake was the reason I bought a Gamecube), this game is by far the best installment.

  • Cool Lovecraft-esque story, dark and moody atmosphere, set in a creepy old mansion and it's a game that intentionally fucks with your head. What more do you need?

  • This game is kind of amazing. It takes a bold direction with the series - making it into a first person shooter. There are lots of nice details. For example, when Samus fires her weapons, you can briefly see the reflection of her face on the inside of her visor. Not much in the grand scheme of things, but quite cool when you notice it. I love the atmosphere, and the first person platforming really works! The only negative is that the game drags a little towards the end with a backtracking fetch quest. Despite this, Prime is one of the best games on the Gamecube.

  • My favorite 3D Zelda game. This tends to be contentious for a lot of people, but once you get past the (granted) long tutorial, this is one of the best Zelda games ever made (after LTTP).

  • The first great sandbox crime game, and the predecessor to many fine games in the series (Vice City, San Andreas, GTAIV). My friends and I used to pass the controller and see how long we could last with six stars. I had a lot of fun playing through the storyline multiple times. Not the best installment of the series, but the one that really changed how video games were made from then on.

  • This game puts you in the seat of an X-Wing, playing through the major space battles from the original trilogy: The trench run from IV, the battle on Hoth, the death star battle from VI, etc. One of the best Star Wars games ever made.

  • The original game is still my favorite. It featured the best villain of the series, Jack of Blades, and a story that started out somewhat generically but turned into a truly epic fantasy tale. I loved how the good/evil choices you made affected your character's appearance, along with your decision on how to specialize your character. Lionhead created a wonderful world to explore in Albion, and I continue to enjoy it with the sequels.

  • The best Metal Gear (until MGSV). This game brought some new innovations for the series, such as a camo system, scavenging / hunting to regain health, and first aid for broken bones / gunshot wounds. Also includes the best sniper duel I've ever seen (better than Sniper Wolf by far). Long cutscenes were more bearable by a story that I could actually follow, and one of the best endings for this series.

  • My favorite fighting game. I spent many nights with my friends passing the controller back and forth and talking shit. Just an overall fantastic fighting game with weapons, 8-way run, great stages and crazy guest characters (Spawn for the Xbox = WTF). Most played characters = Siegfried, Taki.

  • I shudder at how addicted I was to this game. Still one of the best tactics games on handhelds.

  • It's amazing that they released a game of this scope on the PS2. This is the game people point to when they want to make comparisons between video games and art. A beautiful and somber experience. Everyone should play this game.

  • Back in vanilla, this was one of the coolest gaming experiences I had ever had. The immense scope of the world, questing with my friends, PVP, the eventual raid grind at 60 (which was great back then - BWL is still my favorite raid), learning the fights and conquering raid bosses was a lot of fun. Nowadays though, its become more of a chore to play. The new content has been cool for the first 6-8 months after its release, but it quickly returns to the same old boring raid grind. However, since this was such an incredible gaming experience for me early on, it remains one of my favorites.

  • The steampunk setting is what really drew me in. From the first scene of Rapture underwater to the final boss, I was completely enthralled with this game. One of my favorite games of 2007.

  • A relatively short game, but a brilliant mechanic and great writing make this a game to remember. Also, GLaDOS is a great villain, and the ending song rocks. More Portal please!

  • My favorite MP shooter, but I've grown tired of playing Dustbowl CP over and over. So far TF2 has been painfully unsupported on the 360. I might just have to build a new rig to play the PC version (along with other PC only games).

  • I really love the fallout world. Its a mix of bleak, apocalyptic wasteland and retro 50's era sci/fi technology. Think Lost in Space robots vs alien death rays vs mutated giant scorpions. All in all, this game really drew me in, and I sunk more time into it than any other console RPG I've ever played. Its a fantastic game.

  • I've played through this game on multiple platforms, and it remains the best AC story yet. A memorable protagonist, fantastic setting, and beautiful soundtrack really make this one of the best 3D action games ever made.