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A neat twist on being God... well sort of God 0

From Dust largely remained under the radar for me. Any real previous exposure to the game was some tech demo trailers showcasing the innovative flow of the game's natural elements. I was impressed enough to remember the name so I jumped on it when it came out on XBLM.From Dust separates itself from other God games in that rather than focusing on purely influencing your people, you focus on altering the land in order for them to survive and progress.You play as 'The Breath' a god like entity summ...

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Checking under the Hood you'll see some problems... 0

I've been a fan of the AC series since the first game. So it was only natural for me to grab a copy of Brotherhood. Though what I got was kind of a mixed bag...  The game picked up literally seconds after the events of AC2. Desmond and company has hit the road after the Templars, while in the Animus, Ezio has confronted his nemesis and discovered the secret hidden beneath the Vatican and must escape. Returning players from AC2 will pick up immediately on where the plot picks up. However, newcome...

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Zombies and Cowboys, what's not to like? 0

It's been awhile since I played Red Dead Redemption. So when I heard about this new DLC I was mildly curious, plus I had some spare money so I figured I'd go ahead and give it a try.  I must say I was quite impressed with what Rockstar accomplished.  Undead Nightmare plays as an independent story. The narrative sets the stage around the end-game of the normal game. John Marston feels something eerie in the night air, low and beyond the dead are lurking and all hell breaks loose.   The first thin...

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The dead rise again, and it is glorious... 0

Having recently finished a first play through of Dead Rising 2 I can honestly say it was everything I expected and loads more.  The game takes place in a fictional Vegas style Nevada location known as Fortune City. You play as Chuck Greene, former motorcross champion and currently a contender on the hit Terror is Reality show. Just so he can scrape enough money to keep his daughter Katey supplied in Zombrex, a drug used to halt the zombie infection process for a short duration. Needless to say t...

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Conquering the world, or, How I lost seven hours in a snap. 0

I'll be up front and say I'm not a "Civ-Fan." I've dabbled in the series off and on and even those were largely kept to the more recent sequels. Now it wasn't that I hated the series, it just never struck my interest enough to delve in too deep. So although I rarely give into the hype I got Civilization 5 on how much excitement I kept seeing people had for it. Turns out it was worth it.  The series, as far as I can tell, carries on its traditional mechanics and style. You pick from a list of gre...

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A day of the dead: Surviving Still Creek 0

Being a big fan of the first game I'm naturally excited about Dead Rising 2 and Case: 0 has managed to get my excitement levels through the roof.  In an interesting and rather unique manner, Case: 0 is both a demo and a well established story element to the upcoming game. The developers didn't skimp on anything with this game and it easily feels almost like they plucked a lengthy tutorial segment from a full game. Set two years after the events of DR1, and three years before DR2, Chuck Greene an...

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A Solo Player Review of Crackdown 2 1

I recently rented Crackdown 2 because I had heard good things about the first game. Never having played it before I went into the sequel not knowing everything to expect. Except a pure action sandbox style game.  After my time with Crackdown 2 I'm walking away so glad I only rented it.  The game is pretty straight forward. You're a nameless Agent whose job it is to clean up the streets of mutant Freaks and the criminal organization simply called Cell. That's everything to the game.  You have a t...

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