GOTY 2011

List items

  • Was way into Oblivion when it came out and am now way into this. I like the Nordic setting a little less, but there is so much stuff to do in this game that it is worth overlooking. The UI is great!

  • Haven't had this much fun in an open world game since Just Cause 2 and that game had way less explosions. Hell, any game you stack against this one is going to seem tame in comparison - it is a lot of crazy fun.

  • My new iPhone suffers because of this game, definitely my go-to for a mobile game. If Punch-Out had progression like this game does, I would play a lot of it. But as it is, I play Infinity Blade II a lot, sometimes playing during loading screens of my console games.

  • Finally! A trilogy that ends, but has a lot of joy getting there. Come for the conclusion of Delta Squad's saga, stay for the multiplayer that is a lot more fun than it ought to be (and shotguns aren't as bad as Gears 2!).

  • Got the courage around to building my first PC this year and it was become of this game. Worth every penny - Geralt is a pretty awesome protagonist and the game is one of the best looking things on the PC right now.

  • Great downloadable game with a lot of depth. Do yourself a favor - ignore the achievements and just have fun. Obsessing over the Proving Grounds and related challenges can be difficult when the rest of the story is so good, Kid.

  • A great single-player experience and an even better co-op one. There isn't a funnier game out on the market or a more puzzling one. And the new tricks with portals are pretty cool too.

  • Only Mario can make me miss the Nintendo days of yore by reminding me why I play video games in the first place. The aesthetic is really fun and evocative of SMB3 and SM64. My only complaint is the game is a little short (but not shorter then NSMB on DS).

  • Never finished Demon's Souls, but Dark Souls managed to make the experience both easier for newcomers and harder for everyone at the same time. A fantastic example of tight controls and "Oh S*&t" moments. Games do not have to hold your hand to be enjoyed and this game shows you why.

  • This is arguably a better game about the Matrix than any game with the Matrix on the box. Yes, the boss battles are horribly contrived, but all the different ways to solve quests and spec out Jensen are worth seeing.